Why Do Alligators Like Swimming Pools?

Since alligators prefer warm temperatures, they're primarily found in the Southeastern United States. Their preferred habitats include swamps, wetlands, and freshwater rivers and lakes. Alligators that live in close proximity to people will see swimming pools as acceptable sources of cool water, as well. Property owners may notice the pests wading in pools or sunbathing on decks in yards.


As aggressive predators, alligators in pools are dangerous to residents. They'll stay very still while waiting for prey and then strike without warning. In addition to their keen hunting skills, the pests are skilled at defending themselves when they sense danger. Their large teeth and powerful jaws inflict serious injuries on adults, small children, and pets.

Prevention & Removal

Property owners can take steps to make their swimming pools less favorable to alligators. Maintaining the cleanliness of the water and keeping pools covered deters them. Putting fences up around yards is also helpful since the pests aren't very gifted at climbing. If individuals do find an alligator in the pool, they should not approach the animal. Instead, contact professional wildlife specialists to remove the pests as soon as possible.