Why Alligators Are Found in Gardens

Though it's not typical, alligators can be found in gardens. They prefer to build their nests on the banks of various waterways, but flowerbeds can be inviting to females due to the availability of nesting materials. The pests may also choose to nest in or around gardens in order to catch easy prey such as rabbits, rodents, and other animals that inhabit the area.

Damage & Dangers

Since alligators are a danger to humans and pets alike, their presence in flowerbeds is unwelcome. They strike out when they feel threatened, and mothers are particularly territorial and defensive of their nests. Additionally, alligators destroy vegetation by constantly moving through gardens.

Control & Removal

Homeowners should never try to remove an alligator in the garden without professional help. They are dangerous predators and must only be handled by trained wildlife specialists. Critter Control has the knowledge, experience, and training to expertly eliminate alligators in gardens.