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Wildlife Removal Services in Tulsa

Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal — and even exclusion and repair — we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Critter Control in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, where Route 66 begins, sits in the center of Tornado Alley, between the edge of the Great Plains and the foot of the Ozark Mountains, along the Arkansas River. With geography like that, you know the wildlife population is impressive. Some of the wildlife, anyway.

Like every other city in America, nuisance wildlife has found its way into our neighborhoods and our homes and businesses. We see raccoons, bats, rats, mice, skunks, opossums, birds, moles, armadillos, and many others. If any of these animals are causing problems on your property, call us. Critter Control has a three-step process that ensures a thorough inspection, humane removal, and repair of damaged areas.

Below are examples of how our process works with some common Tulsa wildlife.

Raccoon Removal in Tulsa

Raccoons seek food, water, and shelter, and Tulsa offers numerous environments that offer all three. Raccoons are intelligent, nimble, and determined. They use their hands to open trash cans, dumpsters, pet food containers, other containers. Because raccoons like the nightlife, we use that to our advantage when removing raccoons from your home or office.

Inspection: Our professionals understand raccoons and know how to find the places they build nests, which are typically attic spaces. They also identify damages to your building, home, and yard. Raccoons leave specific signs, like smudges, feces, and urine marks that lead right to their hideout.

Removal: Getting rid of raccoons in Tulsa means using our CritterSafe custom traps combined with putting exclusion methods into place.

Repair: Raccoons like to tear things to widen entry points, like screens, vents, and doors. We fix those with stronger materials. We properly close openings to your home under decks, in crawlspaces, roof vents, and attics. We clean and sanitize the areas in which they lived and install fencing to protect gardens.

Squirrel Removal in Tulsa

Flying squirrels, fox squirrels, and Eastern gray squirrels can be seen scavenging streets, yards, parking lots, playgrounds, and parks in Tulsa. In a matter of seconds, they can travel from the top of a tree across power lines to your roof and into your attic, scavenging for food and materials to build nests. They can create a lot of damage along the way.

Here’s how we help solve your squirrel problem.

Inspection: We can easily identify squirrel nests inside and outside your home. We search for food and water sources that attract squirrels, entry points to your home, and signs of activity to create a plan for removal and repairing any damage.

Removal: We get rid of squirrels in Tulsa using our custom CritterSafe traps. Most importantly, we implement methods to exclude squirrels in the future.

Repair: Cleaning urine, feces, and nests is the first job, then we start fixing wires, boards, shingles, gutters, ledges, and vents squirrels typically damage. For exclusion, we can install tree and roof barriers, clean up debris from the yard, relocate or remove bird feeders, fence gardens, and ensure every entry point into your home is sealed properly.

Bat Removal in Tulsa

Although Oklahoma bats consume thousands of mosquitos in one night, they are loud and like to reside in your attic or the ceilings and eaves of buildings.

Whether it’s the brown bat or the Mexican free-tailed bat, if they are living in your attic or chimney, they are causing damage. Their guano is so toxic it can corrode metal and wood. The bat droppings accumulate, and some floors cannot hold the weight.

Bat guano grows fungal spores that you can inhale, and that leads to Histoplasmosis. This is a preventable problem if you call us as soon as you notice bats on your property. Here’s how we handle bat removal:

  • Inspection: We conduct an extensive search of your property to find food and water sources, entry points into your home or buildings, and signs of bat activity.
  • Removal: Safety is crucial when removing bats from your property. We typically only use exclusion methods like a bat cone that is large enough for the bat to fly out of your attic but, on the other end, is too small for it to fly back in. We also remove the bat droppings.
  • Repair: Cleaning and sanitizing every part of your home and structures affected by the toxic guano. We help you implement exclusion techniques like eliminating food and water sources, turning off lights at night, and sealing shut all entry points.

Snake Removal in Tulsa

Out of forty species of snakes native to Oklahoma, only seven are venomous. Identifying snakes is not that easy. It’s hard for many people to know which ones are dangerous. Even when you cross paths with the friendliest snakes, you may get frightened. While most snakes are harmless, many locals have a phobia of them and want to get rid of them quickly.

Removing snakes from your property should be done by professionals. Here’s how we handle snake removal:

  • Inspection: Snakes can live anywhere, including under your home, in your swimming pool or pond, rafters, basements, porches, cabinets, chicken coops, gardens, and any other place they can find. We know all the places to look for signs of snakes, even those that seem unusual.
  • Removal: We are certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators in Oklahoma and can safely and humanely remove snakes by trapping them and relocating them away from your property.
  • Repair: Repair work mainly involves exclusion methods, so snakes aren’t attracted to your home and land. Sealing entry points, patching holes in screens, landscaping, and clearing debris are a few examples. Also, eliminating food sources as much as possible. Because snakes like to eat rodents, it’s essential to make your property rodent-free.

Rodent Removal in Tulsa

Rodents like rats and mice are everywhere. They can squeeze their bodies through almost anything, no matter how small. The Norway and roof rats and house mice are common in Tulsa. They search for food, water, and shelter. Your attic, pantries, basements, sheds, garages, and even under your stove are a few places we’ve found rodent infestations.

Here’s how we handle rodent removal:

  • Inspection: We seek and find rats, mice, and other rodents trying to live in your home or on your property. Poop, urine, nests, and gnawed wires or boards are more common signs of rodent existence. Our main goal is to find out how they are getting in.
  • Removal: We have various removal methods, all of which are humane and safe. You don’t need a permit to get rid of nuisance rats and mice, but we follow all state laws regarding relocation.
  • Repair: Rats and mice can chew electrical wires and wood, and they use insulation and other materials to make nests. We can fix these issues, as well as creating an environment that does not attract rodents. This can mean proper food storage in pantries, repairing wires and wood, and sealing shut all holes, big and small, where rodents can enter.

Bird Removal in Tulsa

If you notice bird droppings around your home or inside your home, you may have a problem. Birds love to make nests in eaves, gutters, vents, chimneys, and attic. They spend hours collecting the right materials to build a nest that will last. When they are not building, they are roosting or perching and dropping poop that can grow fungus.

Whether a woodpecker, pigeon, or starling, each bird can cause a certain amount of damage to your property. Here’s how we handle bird removal:

  • Inspection: Our first goal is to determine where the birds live and which type of bird we are going to control. We look for nests, droppings, and recent signs of activity.
  • Removal: Relocation is not used when removing birds because they can fly right back. Removal consists of making your property less attractive to the birds. They fly away to find a better location. We call this bird proofing your home.
  • Repair: Bird proofing tactics involve attaching screens to close chimneys, vents, and gutters and preventing access to eaves and attics. We can also create bird barriers to eliminate roosting in your home.

Critter Control Can Help

At Critter Control, we create a custom plan to remove nuisance wildlife based on your unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all wildlife removal and repair service. When you choose our experts, you get:

  • Certified, licensed, and insured professionals.
  • Humane methods of wildlife removal.
  • The right equipment to do the job.
  • A sanitized, healthy environment when we’re finished.
  • Exclusion methods that work.
  • Wildlife damage repairs.

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