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Wildlife Removal Services in Atlanta

Atlanta has a rising population of nuisance wildlife. You can expect to encounter wildlife like raccoons, skunks, snakes, rodents, groundhogs, squirrels, bats, opossums, armadillos, rabbits, and various birds.

Atlanta Wildlife Removal

Getting rid of nuisance wildlife in Atlanta is not as easy as you may think. Different rules and regulations exist for each animal, but Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. To avoid potential problems, allow our experts to help.

First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration.

Squirrel Removal

Watching a squirrel at work is entertaining. Most likely, you are watching the gray squirrel, the most common in Atlanta. It shimmies, scurries, scavenges, and stores food and materials for the winter months. You smile and laugh at the squirrel’s behavior. That is until you see it climb a tree, run across your roof, and enter your attic.

You run to the attic to be certain, and yes, there it is, the squirrel’s massive collection of goodies. You also notice they have made a nest using materials they found in your attic, like insulation fabrics from clothes or blankets. The odor? Oh, that’s from the toxic waste squirrels leave behind.

Squirrels like to eat seeds, nuts, fruits, some garden crops, and even bird eggs. While you are trying to sleep, squirrels in your attic are having a feast.

Before you try to get rid of the squirrel and its belongings yourself, call the experts. If not done right, the squirrel will move right back in next week.

Inspection: Our experts can determine which species of squirrel is a nuisance on your property. This is important because the gray, red, flying, and fox squirrels may have different removal regulations to follow. We locate every possible entry point into your home, from crawlspaces to ductwork. We also assess damages.

Removal: We follow Georgia laws regarding permitting, trapping, and removing squirrels from your home. We use safe and humane methods for removal and make it hard for squirrels to get back into your home. We help you reduce food and water supplies and sealing all entry points like chimneys, vents, and cracked or broken attic windows. Exclusion methods also include trimming trees to make it harder for squirrels to access your roof, clearing debris in the yard, fencing garden crops, and removing or relocating birdfeeders.

Repair: Common damages we fix from squirrels include chewed wires and wood, broken screens that cover vents, fencing crops, clogged ductwork that creates a fire hazard, and cleaning feces and urine. Many homeowners ask us to install tree and roof barriers that prevent squirrels from climbing.

Bat Removal 

Georgia is home to sixteen bat specieis, all of which are protected in some way due to diseases like the white-nose syndrome that is reducing bat populations. Bats are very beneficial to the environment, eating thousands of insects in one night.

If you have bats on your property, that means you have ample food and water for them to survive. They will find a nearby place to roost, likely in your attic, ceilings, sheds, or barns.

Bats can become a nuisance because of the piles of guano they produce. Bat guano, or poop, is very toxic, carrying diseases affecting the human respiratory system. It can corrode metal and wood due to the uric acid content. Bats poop in their sleep and while hanging upside down. This means the guano runs down their little bodies, covering their fur.

It is never a good idea to interact with a bat since they are disease carriers and will bite if they feel threatened. Instead, call us to help you get rid of bats from your home.

Inspection: Bats aren’t too difficult to locate since they have preferences when roosting. We focus more on assessing the damages caused by bat guano, like the stains it can leave behind. We must identify entry points, food, and water sources.

Removal: We follow state laws and communicate with the Wildlife Department if testing is required. We know that bats fly out every evening. We install one-way doors that allow the bats to fly out, but they cannot fly back in. If we must physically remove a bat, our pros have bat gloves and other protective equipment to get the job done. For exclusion, seal all possible entry points into your home. We remove or reduce food and water sources, like areas with stagnant water or outdoor lights that attract bugs at night.

Repair: Most damage is caused by bat guano, so we aim to clean areas affected by it. Keep in mind bat the maternity season is from May to August, so nothing can be done to remove or repair during this time.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are plentiful in the Atlanta area. Roaming neighborhoods at night makes the masked bandit even more elusive. While you don’t often see a raccoon up close and personal, you can see the damage they leave behind.

Raccoons have strong hands, helping them climb spouting, trees, and chimneys. They use their hands to shred vent ducts, insulation, wallpaper, and sentimental items not properly stored in your attic. Raccoons eat a lot, which means they poop and pee a lot. The feces left behind carry toxins that can be harmful to humans and pets.

Raccoons also create fire hazards by chewing electrical wiring or clogging vents with nest materials. We can put an end to this raccoon madness.

Inspection: We want to know how the raccoons are getting into your home. We examine all areas with raccoon activity for feces and urine, shredding, chewing, breaking, and other damages.

Raccoon Removal: To get rid of the raccoon from your home, we follow Georgia laws. If it's necessary to trap a raccoon, we use our CritterSafe system that is safe and humane. We focus primarily on exclusion methods that keep raccoons away. Examples include sealing all the entry points and eliminating food and water sources, like smelly trash cans or pet food, attracting raccoons. We can even fence your garden crops and trim trees that give them easy access to your roof.

Repairs- Seal all entry points. Restore attic insultation. 

Rodent Pest Control

Rats and mice are the most typical pest animal to be in your home. Proximity to water and buildings with plenty of entry holes (roof rats are capable of squeezing through holes only 3/4" in diameter) allow the pests to travel freely and breed rapidly.

They are excellent jumpers and will readily chew through wood or burrow beneath ground level to enter a structure. Once inside, they run up the interior of a wall cavity to enter the upper portion of the home or business. Mice and rats can contaminate food with waste, spread disease, and destroy property.

Successful rodent pest control requires more than a few traps. Because rodents breed rapidly, you need a strategic rat trap plan. 

Inspection- Noises such as scurrying and rat or mouse droppings most prominent signs you have a rodent infestation
Trapping- Variety of traps available. Effective trapping considers types of trap, placement, and bait. 
Repairs- Caulking cracks, capping chimneys, installing mesh over vents, decontimating latrine sites. 

Opossum Control

Opossums, or possums, are prevalent in Atlanta. If you’ve got one in your home, you know it’s there. They are noisy animals. They scream, hiss, thump and bump. They can truly be annoying at any time during the day or night.

Plus, they are filthy, leaving feces and urine wherever they go. While most opossums will move to a new home every few weeks, you don’t have to wait. You can call us to evict them early.

Inspection: We look for paw prints, waste, and areas destroyed by opossums. We follow their trails and find out how they entered your home. We also locate food and water sources that attracted them to your property.

Removal: Opossums are protected in Georgia, so we use our CritterSafe system to trap and remove opossums from your home. We remove waste and clean the areas where they were active. We implement exclusion methods like sealing entry points and removing their access to food or water.

Repair: We’ve seen opossums break items stored in your attic or basement, scratch walls, chew wood, and rip up the flooring. We come prepared to fix damages like these.

Snake in your Home

If you have a snake in your home, you have another animal pest problem. Snakes generally enter a home looking for food. Snakes will also enter your home to explore, shed its skin, or as a temporary refuge. Removing the snake’s food source is the ideal way to remove a snake.

Inspection- snake skins, snake droppings, odor,  
Trapping & Removing- Live traps and direct capture are effective methods. Most non-venomous snakes are protected from killing. Eliminating any prey species and sealing potential entry points help keep snakes from re-entering your home.

Chipmunk Control

Chipmunks generally hibernate during the winter in Atlanta. Chipmunks mate twice a year. The first litter of two to five kits is born in April and May; the second litter in July and August. 

Chipmunks pose no real danger to human. They rarely enter homes but will explore basements and crawlspaces for food. The more pressing threat is damage to lawns and gardens. Their burrows are quite extensive that include areas for sleeping, storing food, defecating, and give birth.

There are all sorts of chipmunk repellents, deterrents, and baits on the market, but these do little to truly get rid of chipmunks.

You need a much more robust and dedicated plan to get rid of chipmunks. To keep chipmunks away from homes and gardens, cover vulnerable areas with hardware cloth or wire mesh and seal any cracks or holes along exterior walls.

Moving bird feeders away from homes also discourages chipmunks from burrowing near human dwellings. We do not recommend using mothballs to deter chipmunks.

If you suspect you have a wildlife intrusion on your residential or commercial property, contact our professionals at Critter Control of Atlanta today!  

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

Hiring an expert to remove nuisance wildlife saves you time and money. With experts on hand, you are not at risk and don't have to worry about things like:

  • Handling toxic diseases, gross feces, and urine
  • Being at risk for getting bitten by a diseased animal
  • Finding someone to repair damages

Why Choose Critter Control

At Critter Control, we make your nuisance problem a priority and offer:

  • Licensed and insured experts
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  • Experts with extensive knowledge about all wildlife

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