Bats in Lake Tahoe

Bats in Martis Valley are an essential part of the ecosytem. Of the twenty-five species of bats found in California (the little brown bat is one of the most common in North Lake Tahoe), nearly all of them are insectivores. Bats do pose risks if they occupy a person’s home.
In North Lake Tahoe, one property owner had issues with bats roosting in the eaves over the balcony of their ski condos.

The bats were creating a mess on the property, and their droppings were noticeable to tenants. When bat guano accumulates, it can cultivate the growth of histoplasmosis fungus which causes respiratory problems in people. 

Bat Removal in North Lake Tahoe

After a thorough inspection, we developed a game plan to get rid of the bats humanely and rectify the bat mess. As a protected species in California, there are regulations on how to humanely remove bats. The most effective method is exclusion.
We caulked around the top and corners of the beams with bat detour to discourage any bats from nesting in the balcony. We also installed color matching metal flashings to the beams. It took less than a day’s work to solve the bat issue in Northstar Ski Resort.

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