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Wildlife Control & Removal Services in Reno-Tahoe

Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal — and even exclusion and repair — we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

What Are the Major Wildlife Removal Concerns in Reno, Nevada?

We have over 255,000 people living in Reno. The housing market is up. It’s way up. We have so much to offer, like numerous parks, aquatics, urban forestry, casinos, and renowned restaurants.

As we develop and grow Reno, we can expect more encounters with local wildlife. They have nowhere to go, so many decide to stay in our neighborhoods and business districts. Animals like raccoons, possums, rodents, bats, squirrels, birds, snakes, skunks, lizards, iguanas, and many more can be seen living in Reno.

Wildlife becomes a nuisance when they violate boundaries and start damaging your home or office. Some may build nests in your attic, eat your garden crops, dig holes in your yard, or damage the outside of your home. You may wonder how small animals can do so much destruction. Rather than get into a battle with wildlife, call professionals who can complete a thorough inspection and assess damages, remove the animal properly and according to Nevada laws, and repair damages.

Below are examples of how our Critter Control process works for dealing with Reno nuisance wildlife.

Raccoon Removal

You may not be able to remember the last time you saw a raccoon on your property, but they are there. They are nocturnal masked bandits that eat scraps they find behind restaurants and grocery stores and in your trash can. If they can find food and water on your property, they will build a nest nearby, often in your home.

Raccoons climb trees, spouting, and chimneys to seek openings to your attic. They will also go below the home and enter through crawlspaces and under decks and porches. Once in your home, raccoons use their strong hands to rip and shred insulation, wallpaper, siding, drywall, and anything else they want. They also poop and pee in one spot, so you can imagine the pile left behind after a few days or weeks.

Outside, raccoons will dig up gardens, tear up sod searching for insects, and because they do eat meat, they may go after your chickens and ducks.

We can put an end to your raccoon nightmare.

Inspection: Our experts identify all places on your home that raccoons can enter. They look for signs of raccoon activity, like greasy smudges on soffits and siding and damages both inside and outside your home.

Removal: Raccoons are an unprotected species in Nevada, but we provide safe and humane removal with our CritterSafe system. We also remove the feces and urine, and nesting materials. A big part of our process is implementing exclusion methods that keep raccoons away. We remove food and water sources outside your home by adequately storing pet foods and trash cans. We also remove access into your home by sealing all entry points.

Repair: Common damages by raccoons that we fix include broken boards under decks and porches, torn screens over chimneys and vents, and dented spouting and soffits. We also install fencing around gardens and repair livestock cages.

Reno Bat Removal


There are several species of bats in the Reno area. All bat species are protected in Nevada. Bats provide environmental benefits but can also become a nuisance if they decide to roost in your home, farm building, or office.

In the Reno and Lake Tahoe area, they're the most pervasive vector of the rabies virus. But bat guano is the greatest risk to your health (and surest sign you have bats). Bats can eat thousands of bugs in an evening, leading to a lot of guano droppings. Bats even poop while sleeping upside down. The guano runs down over them, sticking to their fur. If you were to try and touch a bat, you would be handling their guano, which can be extremely harmful.

Bat guano contains toxins so strong it can erode metal. A fungus that grows in bat poop can cause respiratory diseases in humans. Their poop is no joke. That’s why calling the experts to get rid of your bat problem is crucial.

Inspection: We can quickly locate a bat’s roosting spot, but it may take us some time to assess the damages caused by the bat guano, which can include damaged boards, ceilings, staining, and mold.

Removal: We work with the Department of Wildlife to see if they want to test the bat for rabies and other diseases. We follow state guidelines, using protective equipment to capture a bat and for exclusion methods. We take away food and water sources when possible, so bats aren’t attracted to your property in the future. For example, turning off outside pole lights at night will reduce the number of bugs and, therefore, deter bats.

Repair: We fix and seal all cracks and holes where bats can enter your home or building. We will remove the bat guano and clean the area. We can also install mesh barriers to protect trees and plants.

Squirrel Removal in Reno

There are nine or more squirrel species in the Reno area. However, the most common is the ground squirrel. Squirrels love to eat fruits, nuts, small bird eggs, seeds, garden crops, plant bulbs, leaves, and grasses. They get most of the water they need from dew and moisture on the foods they eat.

If you have birdfeeders, trees, or gardens that produce foods, you may experience the nuisance side of a squirrel, like when they decide to make your attic their home base. If you hear scratching and chirping in your ceiling or walls, it may be a squirrel. It may even be multiple squirrels.

Squirrels hoard food and materials for the winter months. They leave behind toxic poop and pee and damage things like wires, wood, and drywall. Outside, they scratch and dent siding, run across power lines, and can create fire hazards by storing some of their hoards in vents, drains, and pipes.

These cute, furry creatures must be controlled. We can help.

Inspection: We find all entry places into your home, including chimneys, vents, and ducts. We inspect for damages in all areas of squirrel activity, inside and out.

Removal: Squirrels are not a protected species in Nevada, but we use humane and safe removal methods, like our CritterSafe trap, if needed. Many times we can complete our exclusion methods while squirrels are outside scavenging. When they go to return to your home, they are blocked from entry. We also remove or relocate birdfeeders and clear debris and hiding spots from your yard.

Repair: We have fixed various items due to squirrels, like replacing soffits, screens, and shingles. We have installed tree and roof barriers to prevent squirrels from climbing up. We also fix damaged wiring, replace boards on decks and porches, and repair drywall.

Ground Squirrels

While able to climb trees, ground squirrels burrow. Their burrows are about 4 inches in diameter and ranges from 5 to 30 feet. Ground squirrels can damage garden plants and equipment. Burrows can undermine the structural integrity of buildings and damage root systems of trees and shrubbery. They are also known vectors for diseases and parasites.

Effective management of ground squirrels depends on time of year. Because most ground squirrels hibernate, squirrel control during the winter is ineffective. Baiting and trapping work well during the summer and fall when ground squirrels forage.

Inspection – Active during the day. Look for burrows and damage to plants and structures.
Control- Trapping and burrow fumigation.

Nevada Snake Control

Reno is home to five species of snakes that cause harm to humans and pets. Some encounters can turn fatal. That’s why calling an expert animal control company to remove a snake from your property is a must. Our pros at Critter Control can even teach you how to recognize harmful versus harmless snakes.

When left alone, snakes typically do not cause problems, and they don’t damage a home. They do produce fear in most residents. There is no reason you should live in fear when we can quickly remove it.

Inspection: We inspect your property to find food and water sources that may have attracted the snake. We also search areas of your home to check for other snakes or nests.

Removal: We have safety gear to handle and remove a snake from your property. We focus on exclusion methods to make sure snakes are not a problem in the future.

Repair: We repair cracks and holes in your siding, decks, porches, and any other spot where a snake can enter your home. We do the same for chicken coops since snakes are known to steal eggs. We change your property’s habitat so snakes cannot get food or water and avoid staying on your property.

Reno-Tahoe Deer Mice Pest Control

The house mouse and the roof rat are the most common rodents in Reno. The roof rat does most of its damage to the outside of your home, breaking shingles as it runs across your roof, causing electrical wires to sag, and clogging up drains and gutters with nesting materials. Inside, the house mouse gnaws wires and chews holes through wood and drywall. They work their way into your pantry and chew through food boxes, ruining groceries.

Rodents are rarely seen, but where there is one rodent, there are many more. They multiply often throughout the year. Before you know it, you start seeing numerous trails of droppings, all of which contain toxins.

We are here to help you control the rat and mice problem.

Inspection: We find all entry points, even the smallest ones, since mice can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. We follow poop trails that lead to their nests, typically no more than 30 feet away from where they scavenge. We then assess damages.

Removal: We live trap rats and mice if needed for removal and follow all Nevada state laws. Rats and mice are not a protected species. Once rodents are removed from your home, we remove nests and droppings. We implement exclusion methods like sealing all holes, no matter the size rodents could enter. We also secure foods in pantries.

Repair: Rats and mice chew on anything soft. We often fix wires, baseboards, drywall, and furniture. We replace or fix screens on vents and chimneys, sagging wires outdoors, and scratches and smudges on the exterior of your home.

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

The goal of a quality wildlife control company is to protect your family and your home. We understand a home is where you need to feel safe and relaxed. Hiring experts to get rid of nuisance animals means you don’t have to:

  • Remove and clean feces and urine
  • Worry about getting bitten by a diseased animal
  • Worry about breaking state laws for removal

Why Choose Critter Control

Our pros at Critter Control are happy to take on the not-so-pleasant tasks associated with wildlife control. They can handle any job due to their:

  • Extensive training and knowledge on all wildlife
  • Strict safety protocols
  • Desire to leave you and your family feeling better once the animal is removed

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