large snake in the grass

Snakes in the City

St. Louis, MO, is home to three of the state's five species of venomous snakes:

  • Copperheads
  • Timber Rattlesnakes
  • Cottonmouths

These snakes are all found in the local St. Louis area.

Snakes in St. Louis generally prefer less populated areas but can find their way into parks, hiking trails, and yards. Residents fishing or boating are most likely to encounter a cottonmouth.

Avoiding Snake Bites

These animals generally strike only when people handle, step on, or provoke them. The best way to avoid conflicts with snakes in St. Louis is to keep away from them completely.

While the area also has plenty of harmless species, like rat snakes and garter snakes, it's best to treat any of these pests with caution.