Seven miles of the St. Joseph River wind through Mishawaka providing plenty of food and water for a variety of Indiana wildlife. As the second largest community in St. Joseph County, the ample supply of homes and business provide plenty of opporunities for shelter. 

Wildlife Control Services in Mishawaka

Critter Control specializes in wildlife pest control. In order to remove and control nuisance wildlife on your property humanely, our wildlife specialist will perform a thorough inspection to ascertain the severity of the infestation.

After the inspection, they will build a custom solution to trap, remove, and control for the offending animal. Once the animals are gone, the technician protects your property with a series of habitat modifications and exclusion services.  Finally, the technician will remove evidence of the animal, disinfect any areas covered by waste, and repair damage caused by the animal. 

Each service comes with different warranty options. 

Typical Wildlife Pest Problems in Mishawaka

Wildlife have the same basic needs as people -- food, water, and shelther. Wild animals will explore your property for resources to satisfy those needs. By limiting access to those resources, you can effectively and humanely control the population. If wildlife become a nuisance, call a professional for a custom wildlife control solution.


Mishawaka is a family-friendly and pedestrian-friendly city. Raccoon-friendly can be added to the list. Resourceful and clever, raccoons have easily adapted to Mishawaka city life. With their tendencies to rummage through garbage cans and scrounge for scraps in local parks, raccoons create trouble for residents. Beside harm to property, one of the biggest raccoon dangers is the spread of rabies.


The gray squirrel species thrives across Indiana. Outdoors, the pests eat nuts and berries, digging holes in lawns to store their food. Pet doors and branches that overhang roofs can allow squirrels to get inside. Tree branches also suffer squirrel damage as the rodents strip bark to access the nutrient-rich sap.


These nocturnal animals fly around at night eating insects across Indiana. Sometimes the pests nest in attics, where bat droppings gather beneath their roosts. This guano often develops mold spores that scatter into the air during clean up or pest activity. Inhaling these particles can lead to respiratory disease in humans.

Rats and Mice 

Mice and rats enter Mishawaka homes in search of meals as well as shelter. Some rats stockpile food for later inside a home, which can attract insects. Successful rodent control depends on controlling the population instead of trying to trap them. 

Canada Geese on Mishawaka Lawns

The population of Canada geese has exploded in Mishawaka, IN, causing a number of problems. When flocking in large groups, these birds leave behind a substantial amount of droppings. They are attracted to ponds and freshly-cut grass, where their grazing causes costly landscaping damage. Geese are aggressive during breeding and nesting season.

Coyote Problems

Also attracted to yards, coyotes consume trash and hunt small pets. As carriers of rabies, they threaten public safety, particularly during the February mating season.


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