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The residents of Warner Robins, GA, encounter pests like raccoons, squirrels, and coyotes throughout the year. Raccoons are known to get into trash bins in search of food and den underneath sheds and porches. The pests are notorious for carrying rabies, and their waste is often infested with raccoon roundworms. Squirrels typically enter Warner Robins homes through the attic and damage electrical wiring, insulation, and wood structures when building their nests. Finally, coyotes are opportunistic predators that hang around residential neighborhoods and attack livestock and small pets.

Wildlife Problems in Warner Robins, GA

Expansion and population growth in Warner Robins, GA, have led to an increase in wildlife issues as animals adapt to new habitats. Coupled with humid summers and mild winters, these conditions result in frequent pest encounters for residents.


A regular nuisance in Georgia neighborhoods, raccoons often overturn trashcans or dig up gardens for food. The pests will den in a hollow tree, beneath a porch, or in an attic if given the chance. Homeowners should avoid approaching a raccoon, as these animals are vectors for dangerous parasites and rabies.


One of the most common pests in Warner Robins, gray squirrels are strong climbers. Holes in roofs and uncapped chimneys are easy entry points for these rodents. Not only can a squirrel cause costly damage to a home, it may also carry fleas and ticks that lead to indoor infestations.


Bats often roost in attic and outbuildings in Georgia. This behavior causes a host of issues for people, especially if these bats carry the rabies virus. While the animals help to control pesky mosquito populations in Florida, a bite or scratch from a bat is dangerous.

Additional Wildlife Problems

Other notable pests in Warner Robins include skunks and pigeons. Like a raccoon, a skunk will search holes and garbage for meals. However, when threatened, these animals emit a foul spray from their hindquarters.

Aside from being loud and messy in large numbers, pigeons can spread bird mites, fleas, and ticks. The uric acid in their waste may also ruin siding, damage paint finishes, and stain awnings.

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