Wildlife Concerns in Milton, GA

Outdoor Nuisances

Outdoor pests can cause just as many issues as wildlife that invades homes. With parks and other recreation areas in abundance, Milton, GA, provides a perfect environment for yard pests.

Feral Hogs

In Milton, feral hogs cause a variety of damage. The pests deposit droppings that carry disease and damage lawns by rooting in the soil. A persistent feral hog can destroy fencing and is difficult to keep away.

Canada Geese

While many people enjoy watching these large birds, having a flock of them in the yard causes issues. Common in Georgia, Canada geese leave large amounts of droppings and may turn hostile when approached. Federal laws protect these animals, so homeowners should be careful about trying to exclude a Canada goose from the lawn.


Raccoons are an outdoor pest that can become an indoor problem. These animals move into Milton yards to feed on trash or pet food, but they often stay to raise their young. Attics, garages, and gaps under porches are ideal spots for raccoon mothers and their babies. These pests may damage property or leave behind parasite-infested feces.

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