Marietta Wildlife Control, Trapping & Removal Services

Marietta Georgia is home to beautiful views, a dramatic mountain backdrop,  and attractions for all ages. The historic downtown Marietta is where you can find Marietta Square. Marietta Square is home to great events throughout the year, including outdoor concerts and more. The restaurants, shops, and other great attractions that surround Marietta Square really make it a necessary spot to check out. Take your group to Six Flags White Water to experience the biggest waterpark in the southeast, or feel the spirits at the Ghost Tours. Other may enjoy food tours, outdoor concerts, festival, annual events, or any of the large variety of museums. Upon visiting you will see that the people of Marietta are passionate about their city. Visit the beautiful town and come up with your own descriptions for the area.

Common Marietta Wildlife Problems

Species of mice, Norway rats, and raccoons are commonly found in Mariet ta, GA. Both mice and rats invade area homes looking for food and shelter. They'll raid pantries and contaminate food with their droppings. Rodents also cause property damage by gnawing on drywall and electrical wires and spread several diseases, including Hantavirus. Raccoons gather in yards and makes messes when they search for food in outdoor trash bins. Additionally, they are associated with the spread of rabies.