Alpharetta Wildlife Control, Trapping & Animal Removal

Alpharetta Georgia is a great community full of nature preserves and greenways for trails and sight seeing, horse and buggy rides, and inside go-karting and games! Alpharetta is home to the sole remaining FFA constructed log cabin, the Milton Log Cabin. Visitors and residents know the area offers great knowledge and fun to be had by all!

Common Alpharetta Wildlife Problems

Among the wildlife pests found in Alpharetta, GA, coyotes can be the most surprising to see in the yard. However, they live wherever food is available and often prey on common household pets like cats and small dogs. Since they're known carriers of rabies, coyotes pose health threats. Raccoons are also common in the area and transmit the rabies virus. The pests forage in trash bins and set up latrines on private properties, as well. Other Alpharetta pests include venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes and copperheads. These pests live where there are large populations of rodents and can be found on lawns. They bite humans that disturb them.