Squirrel Removal in Miami

Homeowners who see these pests during the daytime in trees or running along powerlines are likely watching gray or fox squirrels. Although listed as endangered in some states, southern flying squirrels are going strong in South Florida. Due to the tiny pests' nocturnal schedule, most people never observe them in action. All of these squirrels certainly look cute and cuddly, but they have a variety of habits that can quickly make them unwelcome visitors in most yards.

Problems Caused by Squirrels in Miami

When searching for good nesting spots, squirrels in Miami often take shelter in attics and garages. As the pests gnaw on wiring and carry harmful bacteria in their droppings, this can become a serious problem. Squirrels can also be a terror to gardeners, eating nuts, seeds, fruits, and plants as well as digging up lawns to bury their finds. In fact, a single gray squirrel may create thousands of buried food caches every season. Additionally, flying squirrels are known to hang out in birdhouses and around feeders, driving away or even eating more desirable wildlife.

Prevention & Squirrel Control in Miami

As squirrels are excellent climbers, it is nearly impossible to keep them out of yards entirely. However, removing bird feeders and installing collars of metal sheeting around nut and fruit trees can encourage the pests to move on. To keep them out of buildings, seal any openings with hardware cloth, though be sure not to trap any adults or young inside. Not only will they aggressively chew at the walls and fascia boards to get out, but squirrels that die indoors leave homeowners with a foul-smelling mess to clean up. For best results with squirrel removal, Miami homeowners and residents should contact wildlife control professionals who can successfully get rid of the problem and prevent future infestations.


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