Types of Snakes in Miami

There are four major species of venomous snakes in Miami, FL. Gray and blotchy pygmy rattlesnakes are both the smallest and most common of the four. The largest is the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which reaches up to six feet in length and has dark diamonds with beige borders across its body. Next are cottonmouths, which are reddish-brown with yellow-tipped tails. Lastly, harlequin coral snakes have bright yellow, red, and black stripes.

Dangers of Snakes

While snakes in Miami do not often attack humans, their proximity to homes can pose a threat to residents. Venomous snake bites are extremely dangerous. If left untreated, they can lead to severe skin and tissue damage or even death. If bitten, see a doctor immediately and do not try to self-medicate. The effects of snake bites can be increasingly harmful as time passes, so they must be cared for promptly and properly.

Prevention and Control

Since Florida is home to over 46 species of snakes, it is hard enough to avoid them, but even harder to properly identify each one. Given their tendency to bite when agitated or threatened, attempting to handle the slithering pests alone may result in severe injury. For safe and effective snake removal, Miami residents should contact the professionals at Critter Control to get rid of these potentially dangerous animals.