Types of Rats in Miami

One of the most frustrating and unnerving pests that Miami, FL, homeowners deal with are rats. These pests regularly conjure up images of disease and filth and inspire an overall sense of unease. In Florida, the most abundant species is roof rats, also known as black, citrus, or fruit rats. Found in trees and other elevated areas, they can easily gain access to roofs and then homes. Another variety known to rear its ugly head in the area is Norway rats. These pests differ from roof rats in appearance and habitat, preferring to nest in burrows, crawl spaces, and other subterranean areas.

Health Risks of Rats in Homes

The mere presence of these pests is enough to put people in danger, as they are known carriers of multiple diseases and parasites. In their pursuit of food, rats contamin ate cupboards and pantries when their hair, urine, or feces comes into contact with any surface. Additional health concerns stem from their droppings, which are capable of spreading the respiratory disease Hantavirus via waste particles in the air.

Damage & Removal

Besides creating health risks, rats in Miami may also cause serious damage to homes. Since their teeth are constantly growing, these pests have to gnaw on hard surfaces to keep them worn down. Insulation and wood chewed by rats over time can compromise buildings' structural integrity. Another of their destructive habits is chewing through electrical wiring, which may cause fires. Traps can be effective to get rid of rats, though some expertise in setting and baiting them is needed to ensure success. For help in dealing with rat removal, Miami residents should call the professionals at Critter Control today.