Key Biscayne Rodent Removal

When it comes to permanently resolving a rodent problem from your residential or commercial property, there is no better option than a professional wildlife removal solution like Critter Control®. Our technicians are equipped to quickly and safely remove any rodents from your property while repairing any damage caused by the critters along the way, so you can rest assured knowing your property is left in top condition when we’re finished.

Common Rodent Types

All rodents have the potential to cause expensive damage to a commercial building or home. The types of rodents we most often see include:
  • Mice – The house mouse and deer mouse are the most common species in the area. Both are grayish-brown in color with light-colored bellies and have curious personalities. They are quick to reproduce and can turn a small nuisance into an out-of-control infestation in a matter of weeks.
  • Rats – We most commonly see the Norway rat and the roof rat during our animal removals, which are more difficult to trap than mice because they are less curious and more cautious in nature.
  • Squirrels – Don’t let their cute appearance fool you, squirrels can do just as much damage as any other rodent. They love building nests near the openings of roofs for easy access, and they have a reputation for chewing up structural roofing components in the process.
If you’ve recently begun hearing scratching, squeaking, or the pitter-patter of small footsteps coming from your walls or attic, you may have some unwelcome rodent guests on your property. Other signs of their presence include finding their small, dark droppings around your property, or evidence of their nesting in your attic or basement.

Let Us Help

For over 30 years, Critter Control® has proven itself as a premier option for wildlife control, both in the Key Biscayne area and around the country. When you need nuisance rodents removed from your property quickly, we’re here to help. For more information regarding our rodent removal services, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us today at 305-258-3587.

Key Biscayne Bat Removal

It may not seem like it, but bats actually make up 1/5 of the entire mammal population on earth, and is divided up into 1,300 different species. They are also one of the most effective natural pest controllers on earth, as their diet is made up primarily of insects. In fact, a single bat can eat thousands of insects in a single night! Though they are critical to the environment, bats are not something you want living in or around your Key Biscayne home.

The Problem with Bats

While bats aren’t aggressive towards humans and they typically keep their distance, they have a reputation for carrying rabies. And while this should be enough for most to call for professional help when faced with an infestation, it isn’t the only problem these winged critters pose. Bat waste, or guano, is a common source of a fungus that causes Histoplasmosis – a lung infection that can bring on fever, cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Bats typically expel waste when entering or exiting a building, which, if bats are nesting in your attic for instance, results in guano accumulating inside and outside your home. This guano gives off a strong ammonia-like smell, and is acidic enough to do damage to floors and ceilings over time if left unattended.

CritterSafe Tactics

Because of the crucial role that bats play in the function of our ecosystem, it is important to preserve their well-being throughout the removal process. We accomplish this by:
  • First assessing the location and severity of your bat problem
  • Considering all potential removal options before taking action
  • Removing the bats using humane handling techniques and no-trap exclusion methods
  • Animal-proofing your property to help prevent future bat problems

Let Us Help

As one of the most trusted and experienced wildlife control services in the Key Biscayne area, Critter Control®  can help rid your property of any bat infestation you may be facing. For more information about the laws surrounding bats, our bat removal services, or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 305-258-3587.

Key Biscayne Rat Removal

Even with its location as a barrier island, Key Biscayne is not impervious to rat problems. Those problems become much more common during the colder parts of the year, even here in South Florida for what passes as “winter.” These critters begin looking for places to nest that provide shelter from the elements and a consistent source of food – and what better place than inside a home or office? Once they’re inside, it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, they won’t be going anywhere on their own. When this happens, the professionals here at Critter Control® can help.

Why Rats are Dangerous

Don’t mistake their elusive nature for a lack of activity; rats in Key Biscayne can do some serious damage to a building without you ever seeing them. On top of that, they are unsanitary and are known to carry a number of different bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted to pets or people. Some common rat-related problems we see in homes and offices include:
  • Chewed up, soiled, or otherwise ruined attic insulation
  • Damage to wooden structural components and electrical wiring
  • Contamination of food
  • The potential introduction of infectious diseases like leptospirosis or the Hantavirus lung infection

Preventing Damage

One of the most important steps in preventing expensive damage and avoiding health risks is to take steps to get rid of an infestation at the first signs of activity. Even a few rats can multiply out of control in hidden areas of your home or office until it’s too late.

Rat Removal

With over three decades of experience in wildlife control and a team of technicians that are highly trained and well-equipped, Critter Control® is the premier option for rat removal needs in the Key Biscayne area. For questions about our rat removal services or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 305-258-3587.

Key Biscayne Mice Removal

If you’ve been to a pet store, you’ve probably seen the cute little white mice for sale as pets. Those might make great little companions, but wild mice on the other hand, have no place on your property. Although they may look tiny and unthreatening, wild mice can inflict some costly damage if they move in and start nesting. To avoid a potential headache, the expert technicians at Critter Control®  are here to help.

What Makes Mice Dangerous?

One of the biggest issues about mice is that they are dirty. They carry all sorts of bacteria and diseases like leptospirosis or Hantavirus that can be transmitted to humans and pets alike. On top of the health risks that Key Biscayne mice pose, they can also cause physical damage to your house, including:
  • Contaminating food by chewing through food packaging and gnawing on wooden cabinets in the kitchen
  • Leaving droppings wherever they go, creating a foul smell that can be difficult to get rid of completely
  • Using attic insulation as nesting material, ruining it, and driving up your heating and cooling costs in the process

How We Can Help

Throughout our years of serving the Key Biscayne area, we have created a process that allows us to safely remove nuisance animals like mice from your property, and repair any damage they may have caused. This allows us to return your home to top-shape, and simplifies your life by providing you with a total solution when it comes to resolving animal infestations. For more information about our mice removal services, or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 305-258-3587.


Raymond was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He paid attention to detail. Good Job!! Thankyou!!
I am so glad I had Critter Control come and inspect my house! The problem was located and fixed immediately and since then I have not had any more problems with bats. Money well spent!!!
I connected Critter Control Orlando and was surprised, though elated that an actual person quickly answered. She was pleasant and efficiently scheduled a visit to my house to solve my varmit problem. The appointment was the next day. As arranged, I got a call from Ryan the next morning to tell me his eta. He arrived right on time and after explaining the procedure, got right to work. After a survey of our attic, he told us the problem and gave us a price to fix it. He explained exactly what would be done and an approximate number of visits it would take. I found Ryan to be easy to communicate with and an excellent customer relations person. I will be recommending Critter Control to my friends and neighbors.
We had a raccoon in the attic and this team of professional workers caught him after days of detective work. It was a pleasure working with them and having them at my house. I especially want to thank John and Kenzie!
After months of fighting moles in our yard ourselves and with the help of a landscaper, with no success, Critter Control caught a mole within a week. Very reasonably priced and very thorough. They’re the experts! We should have called them a lot sooner.
Justin was very professional and he and his team did the work quickly and thoroughly. This is a nice company to work with.
I have had Critter Control for years and they are excellent. Recently I had a new roof which made many things need to be resealed. They worked with me since my insurance would not cover it.
Ricky was fantastic and he made sure the critters were gone which we so appreciated.
After having a corner of our home’s foundation dug up by a family of groundhogs, I called Critter Control and met with Bryan. We tried traps but those darned groundhogs were too smart (they even passed up marshmallows—who does that?!). Bryan suggested fencing the area to keep them out, and it was expertly installed today by Dave. Looks neat, very secure and (hopefully) impenetrable! Bryan was always responsive to my calls and I’m a very satisfied customer; I highly recommend Critter Control!
Tom was really helpful and helped me out first thing in the morning to do the inspection and quote.
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