Where are they found? 

Gray squirrels are found throughout Florida in mixed hardwood forests as well as in suburban and urban areas. They prefer forests with mature, nut producing trees such as oak and walnut. Gray squirrels will use old woodpecker holes or natural cavities as dens to live in and raise young. They will also build large nests composed of leaves and twigs. Gray squirrels have adjusted well to manmade changes to the landscape and are a familiar animal in neighborhoods and city parks. 

What do they eat?

The gray squirrel has a varied diet with mast crops (acorns, walnuts, beechnuts, etc.) being a very important component. Other food items include seeds, fruits, insects, fungi, and occasional bird eggs and bird nestlings. At the end of the summer, gray squirrels will store seeds and nuts to feed on when food is scarce during the winter months. 

What other kinds of squirrels live in Florida?

The fox squirrel, red squirrel, southern flying squirrel, northern flying squirrel, are other squirrels that live in Florida.

Control and Safety

Modifying homes and yards to make them less favorable to squirrels is the best form of squirrel control. Homeowners should ensure any broken window screens and cracks leading into attics are repaired. Check chimneys as a possible point of entry, and seal them with mesh coverings. Keep trees trimmed so that branches don't hang over roofs and so squirrels cannot reasonably hide within the vegetation, and protect gardens with fences.

Trapping and Removal

As squirrels are considered game in many states, trapping the pests may require the procurement of a special permit. Furthermore, though squirrels are not known to be particularly aggressive, it is always safer to contact a trained professional rather than attempt to handle wild animals without the proper knowledge or assistance. The wildlife specialists at Critter Control are skilled at identifying the different species of squirrels and handling squirrel removal properly and humanely. Our job is to protect people, property and wildlife and in doing so, we don’t exterminate squirrels, but instead we humanely exclude or remove them from your property.