Eastern Gray Squirrels in Gainesville

While there are many squirrel species found in Florida, the eastern gray variety is the most common in Gainesville. These pests are typically gray or brown in color with white underbellies and bushy tails. They feed on nuts, fruit, insects, and tree bark, though they will gladly help themselves to bird feeders in yards as well. Though they naturally nest in the forks of trees, gray squirrels will retreat to attics when they can find an opening.

Damage Caused by Gray Squirrels

Aside from bothering homeowners with chattering, squeaking, and clawing in the walls, the pests may also breed indoors. Though litters only contain two to six young, they can cause immense damage to the structural integrity of homes. From gnawing on wires, drywall, and air ducts to ripping up insulation, gray squirrels are very destructive. In addition, their feces and other bodily fluids make the perfect breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, which can be hazardous to human health.

Prevention and Control

The best way to keep squirrels from entering homes is to seal all entryways and perform regular inspections, especially in attics. If the pests are detected, contact the trained wildlife professionals at Critter Control to safely remove gray squirrels in Gainesville homes and prevent future infestations.

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