Rat Species in Gainesville

Residents of Gainesville routinely encounter several types of rats in their homes and businesses. Also called fruit or black rats, roof rats are one of the most common. Known for their exceptional ability to climb, these pests flourish in attics, roofs, and other areas high above the ground. Norway rats also live locally, though they are burrowers and prefer to be near the ground. The pests are typically found under foundations, in crawl spaces, and wherever garbage is stored.

Issues and Problems Caused by Rats

Roof rats get the alternative name fruit rats due to their partiality to Florida's citrus groves. They are known to nest in these trees and gnaw on fruit, ruining crops. When they invade homes, roof rats can destroy attics by gnawing on electrical wires and structural beams as well as tear up insulation to build their nests. Known to carry various parasites and diseases, the pests also regularly contaminate food and preparation areas with their feces and urine.

Proper Rat Removal

Rats in Gainesville can infiltrate homes through even the smallest of openings. These pests can enter via uncapped chimneys, unscreened windows and doors, or gaps around plumbing, electrical wires, and vents. Signs of an infestation can include finding droppings, grease stains along walls, and gnaw marks in areas where the pests frequently nest. In order to completely and effectively remove rat populations, contact the trained wildlife professionals at Critter Control.


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