Identifying Opossums

The only marsupials found in Florida, opossums are common throughout Gainesville and the surrounding counties. These pests may live in rural wetland or upland zones as well as suburban and urban areas. Part of the reason opossums are so adaptable is their wide-ranging diet. Everything from food scraps in garbage cans to insects, frogs, snails, roadkill, and fruit at tracts the pests. About the size of housecats, opossums can be identified by their long, pointed snouts and rat-like, hairless tails. Their fur may be blonde, gray, or black.

Problems Caused by Opossums

While the pests usually don't stay long in one place, pregnant mothers may choose to den for a longer period under porches or in crawl spaces to give birth to their babies. Opossums can have up to 13 young at once, so infestations develop quickly. Skilled climbers, these pests can easily scale fences and trees to enter Gainesville yards when seeking food or shelter. When threatened, opossums may hiss, bare their sharp teeth, or even play dead, falling over and emitting a rank odor that mimics the smell of carrion.

Opossum Prevention & Removal

Since opossums generally move to a new location if resources are scarce, limiting possible food sources in the yard is the best way to deter them. Bring outdoor pet food inside at nighttime, when opossums are active, and tightly seal trash cans. Additionally, close or block pet doors during the night to prevent the pests from wandering inside. When faced with infestations of opossums in Gainesville, call the wildlife experts at Critter Control for effective removal and prevention services.


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