Species of Bats Found in Gainesville

While Florida is home to 13 species of bats, the most common ones in the Gainesville area are the Brazilian free-tailed, southeastern, and evening bats. The University of Florida, located in the city, has two of the world's largest occupied bat houses, where these animals routinely roost. While bats are sometimes thought of as nuisances, most of them are beneficial to have around, as they feed on various insect pests. Still, bats are known carriers of several diseases, including rabies.

Problems Caused by Bats

One common complaint associated with bats is their inclination to roost inside Gainesville homes. A single bat in the house is most likely lost or confused. However, the presence of more than one typically means that the pests are nesting somewhere in the attic or walls. Indoors, bats can quickly become a nuisance. Baby bats make squeaking noises when hungry, and colonies left alone for long periods of time will invariably create piles of feces, called guano. These droppings are perfect breeding grounds for the fungus that causes histoplasmosis, a dangerous respiratory illness.

Effective Bat Removal

Exclusion methods, such as sealing all entryways into homes, are usually only somewhat effective against bats long-term. In fact, depending on the time of year, screening or shutting gaps, cracks, and vents can actually trap young bats inside. When this happens, the pups try to find other ways out of homes, which may lead them into living areas. Trapped baby bats may also starve, creating foul-smelling carcasses that must be removed. To properly and safely control problem bats in Gainesville, contact the trained wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control.

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