raccoon photo

Living with Raccoons in Fort Pierce

Clever and adaptable, raccoons thrive in the mild climate of Fort Pierce, FL. Fruit trees add diversity to their diets, and homes provide ideal shelters.

Whether under a deck or in an attic, raccoons are not picky about where they den. Residents might even be unaware of their presence until they hear telltale scratching, thumping, or chittering sounds.

Disease Risk

Raccoons in Fort Pierce are dangerous because they carry rabies and other diseases. Roughly 250 Floridians report a raccoon bite or scratch every year. However, pets are the most likely to suffer after a fight with a rabid animal.

Avoid Feeding Wildlife

People often make raccoon problems worse by feeding them. However, these smart scavengers are rarely at risk of starving because they can eat just about anything. In addition, feeding causes raccoons in Fort Pierce to lose their fear of people, which increases conflicts and the spread of rabies.

When homeowners hear scratching sounds or raccoon noises in the attic or walls, they should contact Critter Control for efficient, humane wildlife removal.