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Why Are There Mice in Fort Pierce?

Introduced to North America via the East Coast, house mice are found everywhere in the coastal city of Fort Pierce, FL. These pests are able to thrive in the area thanks to the warm, humid climate and bustling population.

Mouse Infestations

Though the pests prefer to live outside, heavy rainfall in Florida often drives house mice indoors. Once inside, they nest in wall voids and attics.

House mice in Fort Pierce homes create a number of issues, such as:

  • Food contamination
  • Constant scratching noises at night
  • Chewed, damaged wiring that can cause electrical fires
  • Stains on walls, floors, and furniture from oily fur and waste

Mice and Diseases

These pests spread diseases via bites or contact with their urine and droppings. Florida residents should watch for signs of lymphocytic choriomeningitis and leptospirosis. These illnesses often start with flu-like symptoms and can be serious if left untreated.

The experts at Critter Control have exclusion and removal solutions for any homeowners dealing with infestations of mice in Fort Pierce.

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