Jan 11
Robert Furtado was great. He was super professional, respectful and a pleasure to work with. Five stars any day of the week for how my warranty was handled by him. Thanks again! Daniel M
Oct 26
Excellent job! Very professionally done!Palig D
Aug 11
Steve showed up right on time for both appointments. He looked over our house and found it to be well sealed, but showed me very convincing evidence that we had raccoons on our roof - this was the source of the sounds we heard. He put some traps in our attic just to be sure, and they were undisturbed. Very happy with the service.Doug G
Jul 21
Answered the call promptly, Arrived at the specified time, called to discuss results. All went just according to plan. 100% satisfied.Sue B
Apr 3
These guys know what they are doing and do whatever is needed well!AJ H
Mar 31
Rob has been on-time, efficient, knowledgeable, and a gentleman!Richard G
Mar 30
CJ was professional and friendly. He explained everything that he was going to do along the way and gave us helpful hints for preventing future problems with rodents. He typically arrived in a timely manner, calling when he was running late. The text reminders were very helpful as well. I hope that we don't need assistance again, but if we do, I will call Critter Control again. Jeff E
Mar 27
Outstanding service! Thanks so much for doing such a great job! Mark L
Mar 23
good serviceMahadevan I
Mar 21
We are very happy with the service from Critter Control. They came out the same day we called and took care of our problem immediately. I would definitely recommend them.Linda N
Mar 14
Very helpful and careingSandra J
Mar 9
Robert was thorough, knowledgeable and communicated clearly his findings and the service options. Definitely 5 star and I would recommend them for handling indoor rat or mouse problems to everyone.Johanna B
Mar 6
Service was very convenient. We did everything over the phone. They took care of the issue that afternoon. Thomas C
Mar 6
Excellent customer service and follow up. Thank you Chris.Jamie G
Mar 6
Excellent job, very quick responseGerry F
Mar 3
Great service. ThanksRalph R
Feb 20
Excellent service by Rob. Always on time, repair work done efficiently, trap checks done quickly. I would recommend Critter Control to others looking for rodent control. Rats and Squirrels gone.Gale O
Feb 20
Rob was on time, friendly, efficient, skilled and good at communicating. Showed me his work and it was well-done.Pat H
Feb 17
Robert from Critter control-did a great job to understand/resolve the frequent noise at night, on the roof. He started by setting up traps in the attic and checking on them. In addition, he identified the possibility of entry points, and recommended the repair options. Robert came back and professionally screened the entry points we agreed on. I am pleased with the work delivered, and I highly recommend critter control and their staff. Sawsan G
Feb 16
Fast and efficient!Jay J
Feb 9
Great service and work! Steve was great and very responsive!John C
Feb 9
Robert was very thorough, professional, and friendly on his several visits. Always took the time to explain the work to be performed and I appreciated the photos as well. Thanks!Greg M
Jan 24
Always professionalGlenn W
Jan 20
Thank you Steve! It was great meeting you. I will definitely call you if I ever have this problem again, but in the meantime, it is awesome to have the house not full of uninvited guests!Susan J
Jan 11
great serviceVijay U
Jan 10
Great job - thank you so much!Sarah C
Jan 9
Looks great! Hopefully no more squirrel s in the attic!Diana Z
Jan 6
Steve has been acting very responsible and knowledgeable.Millie W
Dec 9
Steve is awesome!Jim L
Dec 6
A job well done. Thank you.Richard W
Nov 29
thanks for taking care of the animal problemNiki C
Nov 29
Thank you Steve for coming to take care of an urgent dead animal. Even though the contact was finished as of September, you took the time to help us. Not only did you remove the dead critter, but you made sure that the entry port was identified!! Thanks!Glady S
Nov 29
These guys were very helpful. Knowledgeable. Responsive.Mike M
Nov 29
These guys are awesome! Steve was fantastic throughout our entire job. Super professional, on-time and thorough. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend him!Eric H
Nov 29
Great company!Carla O
Nov 29
Good service. On time with quality. It would be nice, if your work report includes location/map of the trap, servicing area in the house. So, the next engineer will get more information on how to serve. Roger S
Nov 29
Amazing service! I'd recommend you 100% of the time.Heleyna G
Nov 29
I am happy with Critter Control's service. The service engineer is on time for the appointment. He has good skill with friendly attitude. He had solved rats problem in my house. Will recommend Critter Control for others. Roger S
Nov 29
Mike is great! Rats have not yet taken to the traps- hope they go away soon. Ganga N
Nov 29
Mike did a great job. He was courteous, professional, and thorough. Keep up the good work!Quan N
Nov 29
Michael did a GREAT job at our house. He was punctual, knowledgeable, friendly, patient and thorough. We appreciated that he listened to our concerns, identified & repaired some problem areas, and provided advice for changes we could make on our own. Our problem seems to be solved! Thank you! Naomi A
Nov 29
Critter Control is awesome. They are thorough, clean & professional. Steve & his crew are super friendly & we highly recommend their company for any Critter issue.Carla O
Nov 29
ThxErica S
Nov 29
Good service. Well done.Marge B
Nov 29
Great job, Critter Control, love the quick response and professional service..keep up the good work...will definitely use your service in the future and recommend to others..thanks!Beverly V
Nov 29
Fantastic service. Mike was thorough, polite, knowledgeable. I would definitely call Critter Control again if I had a problem.Kate M
Nov 29
We've been very satisfied with your service....Mike is great!James S
Nov 29
Great service and great team.David T
Nov 29
good service, thank you for your fast response. will call again if needed.Peggy J
Nov 29
Steve was fantastic - prompt, thorough and professional. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone.Eric H
Nov 29
Excellent service from the entire team. Honest and up-front from the start. Thanks.Lettie W
Nov 29
Critter Control did a great job of getting rid of our unwanted houseguests. I would recommend them to anyone with a wildlife problem on their property.Brent F
Nov 29
Professional,timely,effective and courteous.Victor H
Nov 29
Terrific job. Thanks Robert & Steve & the weekend guy.Nancy M
Nov 29
great job, thank youMike M
Nov 29
Great service - fast, responsive, knowledgeable. I'd use Critter Control again without question.Alicia R
Nov 29
They were courteous, on time, and thorough. Would definitely hire them again. Wendy W
Nov 29
5 stars for Critter Control who has been taking great care of our house and property for many years. They have had to deal with all kinds of bad situations and have always been successful. Their technicians are first rate and very personable. Pam HakmanPam H
Nov 29
Great job, Got rid of the Racoons for us, Thank youDan H
Nov 29
It was a job well done. Still very expensive since I had the same thing done about a year and a half ago. Robert did a good job. Professional and thorough.Linda G
Nov 28
Steve caught my unwelcome visitor within 20 minutes of putting out traps, then he returned the next week to seal all the spaces where roof rats (or other vermin) could enter the house. Critter Control did a fantastic job, and I've already raved about their services to several friends.Patrice P
Nov 17
Thanks so much Critter Control. From beginning to end you were extremely professional, knowledgeable and honest. I'm so happy we went with Critter Control for this job!!! Thanks so much Steve!!! Krista H
Nov 16
Steve was beyond amazing! Such a huge help and a great person to work with. Thank you so so much for all of your help!Alyson G
Nov 14
Very good service.Toni H
Nov 14
These guys are so professional and know how to take care of things! Neeta M
Nov 11
Great job! Lisa H
Nov 2
Critter Control gets a five star rating, as they have been very easy to work with, they are prompt in checking the traps and picking up any trapped critters. We have been extremely pleased with the staff members and the work they do for us. Management Solutions Inc. for the Shadow Wood HOA James L
Nov 2
It was great!Joey L
Nov 2
Excellent help!Sherri M
Oct 27
Always great job.Mary C
Oct 27
Work was completed in a timely and efficient manner with consideration for the customer's needs. The technician, Steve, was not only fair and thoughtful, but very pleasant and competent. You may take care of my "critters" any time!! Thank you. Elyce M
Oct 19
Excellent service by ChrisEva B
Oct 18
Can't think of anything that could have been done better.Thomas G
Oct 14
Rob was thorough and explained everything, plus just enjoyable to talk to.Peter C
Sep 23
Critter Control is THE place to call for a quick response and excellent customer service. Susan I
Sep 15
Steve did a terrific job! Caught and removed 3 rats and plugged up the many holes in this 100 year old home. Thanks!Nancy M
Sep 14
Great job. Very prompt. Kenny F
Aug 24
Great job! I will always recommend your company!!Clarissa O
Aug 11
Thank you for the professional service. No doubt that I will recommend your service to anyone in this Bay area.Phillip K
Aug 10
Very satisfied and happy about the 30 day service, in the event that we have another visitorKelly M
Aug 9
Steve is the man. He has done the best job possible trying to resolve my townhouse's rat problem. I had caught my own rats for the past 7 years until I had enough, so I called Steve at Critter Control. He has completely sealed up my building's rooftop so that no more rodents can get in to the attic. He has been working on my townhouse roof for almost two years now... recently rats have chewed through some vents above my garage, but hopefully the reinforced vents are completely secured now thanks to Steve. I am extremely happy with Steve's hard work and diligence. Dean Dean S
Aug 3
Rob is fantastic. Knowledgeable and friendly. Jason H
Aug 1
Great job fast responce time.Rachel M
Jul 27
Clean, efficient and effective.Kevan W
Jul 21
Thank you, Chris and Steve. You were prompt, courteous and most helpful. It wasn't the easiest crawl space to get into, but Steve did, and keeping all the dust and dirt to a minimum. The skunk is gone and hopefully the smell. Loretta D
Jul 12
Chris and Steve are professional and highly recommended. Thank youPhillip K
Jun 27
Chris was great. Showed up quickly after we described the problem to drop off the trap. The possum was caught the very next day and Chris picked him up promptly. Very easy and smooth process. Would recommend them anytime for someone with a critter problem.Al E
Jun 27
It was a relief to work with you . The worry started to go fast, you and your team are great. Very efficient and knowledgeable. Thanks for a job well done. DorothyDorothy S
Jun 23
Steve did a really awesome job. I really enjoyed to work with him.Yangfan Q
Jun 23
Chris was awesome. He was super prompt at calling me back. Very patient and courteous manner. Extremely professional. Called 10 mins to arrival. listened to our concerns, provided feedback and suggestions for our particular situation. Would highly recommend. Elizabeth A
Jun 17
Squirrels and rats gone from my attic - quiet restored!Diane I
Jun 1
Stevw was incredible. He went right to the heart of the problem. Critter control is now on the top of our list of outstanding companies for recommendationGary B
May 31
I was very pleased that your company could come out the same day I called to remove the dead carcus of the animal on my property. Thank you very much!!Mary N
May 27
Steve was very thorough in locating all the possible access points. We haven't heard a thing since! I learned a lot about rodents as well!Jim B
May 25
Thank you, very much. Your service was prompt, efficient, and handled our critter issues with minimum fuss. I appreciate the suggestions your staff had, and their curtesy. GaryGary W
May 17
Critter Control and their staff are professional, efficient and friendly. Highly recommended! Mike B
May 16
Great job!Ann Marie
May 14
This is the third time we have used Critter Control. The entire crew was professional and extremely attentive. Thanks to them we now rid of TWO families of skunks, a raccoon and a possum! We high.y recommend them. Dave S
May 9
All the men who serviced the traps were so courteous and took time to answer questions and give explanations when needed. Service was extremely prompt. Thank you so much. I will certainly use your services again if necessary as well as recommend your company to others.Sheryl S
May 3
Excellent and prompt work!!Annette G