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Wildlife Control & Removal in the Bay

Wild Animal Removal

Safe, humane removal of nuisance wildlife and pests from your home and property.

Animal Infestation Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home. 

Animal Damage Repairs

Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

Typical Nuisance Wildlife in San Francisco

Raccoon Control & Removal

Adaptable and clever, raccoons have no trouble thriving in San Francisco. Attics and chimneys make ideal den sites for a gaze of raccoons.

  • Inspection- looking for footprints in or around home, large openings, raccoon poop
  • Trapping & Removal- Live trapping most effective and humane
  • Repairs- Seal all entry points. Restore attic insultation.  

Squirrel Control & Removal

Common in residential areas, squirrels are often find their way into homes. 

  • Inspection- Gnaw marks on, in, or around your home. Small opennings to attics or the crawl space. Droppings. Debris like nuts or nesting materials.
  • Trapping & Removal- Live trapping, deterrents, one-way doors.
  • Repairs- exculsion services focus on repairing entry points. Removing debris, repairing nest sites, decontaminating droppings and urine.

Rodent Removal

Rodents like rats and mice are typical pest animals in a home. Proximity to water and buildings with plenty of entry holes allow the pests to travel freely and breed rapidly. In homes, a mouse or rat may contaminate food with waste, spread disease, and destroy property.

  • Inspection- Noises such as scurrying and rat or mouse droppings most prominent signs you have a rodent infestation. Gnaw marks. 
  • Trapping- Variety of traps available.
  • Repairs- Sealing and monitoring any potential entry sites. Caulking cracks, capping chimneys, installing mesh over vents. Decontaminating any areas covered in droppings. 

Bat Control & Removal

The Bay area has 16 native species of bats; the majority of which are insectivores. Bats will enter attics to roost in large groups. As a protect species, you cannot trap and remove bats during mating season. Humane bat control almost exclusively involves exclusion work.

  • Inspection- Small squeaking sounds. Piles of droppings in one corner of the house. Stains on walls and strong ammonia smell.
  • Trapping & Removing- Generally a bat can only be trapped and removed if it is in the livable part of your home. The vast majority of the time, bat control will involve a roosting colony in your attic. In that ccase, one way doors will be employed once the bats offspring have reached maturity.
  • Repairs- Sealing entry points. Disinfecting areas from accumulation of guano.  

San Francisco Wildlife FAQ

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?

The most common wildlife issues that homeowners are facing here are rodents, raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels, rabbits and gophers. Of course you will see other animals such as deer and coyotes, but those are a result of smaller animals infesting the area.

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?
Seasons do have an effect on some animals depending on their mating season, but with the California climate and consistent weather we have in this region customers will notice these critter issues year-round. These critters are looking for food, water and shelter, and whether its extremely hot, or cold and rainy, they want to get into customer's homes.

What are some of the common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?
The most common signs of nuisance wildlife activity are digging in the yard, scratching in the walls or attic area of the home, and various smells from animals either dying, or skunks spraying their odor.

Any prevention tips for residents in your area? If you want to help keep animals away there are a couple things you can do. First, and the most important, do not leave any food sources out where animals can get to them. This includes leaving dog or cat food out, or storing food items in the garage without a proper seal. Also, it is important to keep doors and windows protected (especially your garage door). This includes proper screening, seals, and making sure there are no gaps leading into your home.

When should homeowners call Critter Control?
You should call as soon as you notice the first sign of any activity. The sooner you call, the quicker we can get the issue under control.


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