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Wildlife Control & Removal

LA Wildlife Problems

Los Angeles, CA, is heavily populated, and residents often encounter pests like raccoons and opossums. They forage in trash bins and litter yards and parks with garbage and feces. Additionally, both pests spread diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis.

California Bats

While homeowners benefit from their appetite for insects, bats can be harmful as well. LA County regularly reports rabid bats in urban, suburban, and rural areas. This becomes a problem when the pests roost in attics and sheds. An infected bat transfers the virus through bites and scratches, so avoid contact with the pests.

Raccoon Issues

Raccoons are unwelcome inside and outside of Los Angeles homes. Indoors, the pests den in attics or chimneys and leave behind feces full of parasites. In yards, a raccoon may tear up grass or raise their young under porches. Disease transmission and injury are also concerns if pets or people get too close.

Many Squirrel Species

California is home to tree squirrels and flying squirrels. Both varieties often live in neighborhoods and show up on roofs and in treetops. These pests cause problems by gnawing on phone and electrical wires, breaking into attics, and bringing ticks and mites into houses.


Coyotes are also common in the LA area and patrol neighborhoods at night looking for food. In general, they are frightened of people. However, the pests will attack if they feel threatened. Coyotes also endanger household pets with their presence.

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