Surprise, AZ, is a popular place for bats and pigeons to gather. Bats can be found in attics, wall voids sheds, and barns. Infestations produce a lot of urine and feces, which creates unpleasant odors and can even stain walls and ceilings. Additionally, the flying pests are known carriers of rabies and contribute to the spread of histoplasmosis. Pigeons gather on the roofs of homes. Since they construct their nests in gutters and chimneys, their presence is often considered a fire hazard. Furthermore, their droppings stain walls and sidewalks.

The city is also home to several species of rattlesnakes. Mohave and western diamond back species are among the most dangerous. These pests hide under brush, wood piles, and large rocks in Surprise backyards. Although not typically aggressive, rattlesnakes strike out if they're feeling agitated or threatened. Their bites can be deadly if they go untreated.