Identification of Squirrels

Both the gray squirrel and fox squirrel are present in residential areas of Huntsville, AL. These small rodents weigh one to two pounds and can grow up to twenty inches in length, including their bushy tails. Gray squirrels have silvery fur with white bellies and light-colored tails. Fox squirrels typically have reddish coats with black markings on their heads and white noses, ears, and feet. All squirrels have tiny ears that stick straight up and large, dark eyes.

Problems Caused

Squirrels like to den in warm, sheltered chimneys and attics. They'll go to great lengths to infiltrate these areas, chewing through the shingles, siding, and insulation of Huntsville homes. Once nests are established inside, it can be extremely difficult to remove the squirrels. During their breeding seasons from December through March and June through August, mothers raising young will become hostile if forced out of their shelters. Additionally, squirrels steal food from bird feeders all year and eat plant buds or garden vegetables during the summer.

Getting Rid of Squirrels in Huntsville

Trim tree branches at least five feet away from homes to keep squirrels away. If the pests have already made their way into the attic, encourage the entire clan to leave on their own by installing a one-way exit door. Keep in mind to never separate a mother squirrel from her children, as babies often die on their own and require removal. When squirrels try to nest in your Huntsville house, the best thing to do is call Critter Control's expert technicians. Our professionals are schooled in the safest and most effective squirrel removal methods.

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