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Wildlife Control & Removal

San Diego Wildlife Problems

As one of the most populous cities in the United States, San Diego, CA, is often plagued with wildlife pests. Residents experience issues with small mammals like bats, cottontail rabbits, gophers, and squirrels. These pests raid San Diego yards in search of denning sites and forage for food in gardens and garbage cans. They also invade homes, let their excrement accumulate, and contribute to the spread of disease. Other wildlife pests common in the California city include feral pigs, snakes, foxes, and raccoons. Most of these animals carry parasites, destroy property, or are deadly thanks to their venomous bites.

Bats in Buildings

When outdoors, bats are useful in San Diego, CA, because they eat mosquitoes and other insects. The problems begin once the animals invade houses.

Small bat colonies usually go undetected until noise, foul odors, and the buildup of feces draw the homeowners' attention. Regular inspection of roofs, soffits, and fascia boards is key to prevention.

Raccoon Dens

Raccoons can be an expensive nuisance for homeowners in San Diego. These pests tear up shingles or siding to enter houses and nest in attics. They also stain ceilings with urine, rip up insulation, and bring raccoon roundworm, along with other parasites, into California homes.

Squirrel Trouble

Squirrels are great climbers. They use overhanging tree branches to access roofs, and damaged vents or loose shingles allow them into buildings.

When inside homes, a squirrel will chew on wood supports and wires, resulting in costly repairs and fire hazards. In San Diego, these rodents also spread fleas and ticks as well as diseases like tularemia.

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