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Pest & Wildlife Problems in Sacramento, CA

Skunks in Yards

Because of the city's warm climate, striped and spotted skunks thrive in Sacramento, CA. These pests disturb residents when they den under homes or sheds. Skunks also tear up lawns by digging holes and shredding grass while hunting for grubs and insects.

When threatened, the animals release a foul liquid from their hindquarters. In addition to the terrible scent, skunk spray can cause skin irritation and even short-term blindness. Skunks are capable of hitting a target from up to ten feet away, and curious dogs are common victims.

Nesting Opossums

These pests are used to living near people and pay nightly visits to Sacramento lawns. Garbage cans, vegetable gardens, and other food sources can attract an opossum to a yard. In California, they have two mating seasons every year and den beneath porches and sheds to raise their young.

Opossums in Sacramento carry diseases that spread through their feces or saliva. In addition, they host parasites like fleas and ticks that often transfer to pets. While they are not aggressive, opossums may attack cats as well as dogs in self-defense.

Squirrels in the City

Mother squirrels seeking shelter in Sacramento, CA, frequently end up in homes. They gain access to attics by using holes in vents, soffits, and roofing as entryways. Indoors, a squirrel creates trouble by chewing on beams and leaving behind waste.

Problem Bats

Bat colonies tend to return to the same roosting spots each year. This can be an issue for Sacramento residents with the pests in their trees or attic. Although bats provide insect control, they can also lead to health concerns. In California, most cases of rabies occur in bats.

Raccoon Droppings

While raccoons in California rarely carry rabies, local pests can transmit raccoon roundworm in their feces. Avoid piles of the pests' scat, which often collect around trees, patios, attics, and garages. Proper safety gear and disinfecting are vital to avoid spreading the parasite's eggs to people and pets.

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