Q: I hear scratching noises. What could those be?

A: It’s nearly impossible to properly identify what animal you have invading your space over the phone, which is why we prefer to do a complete home inspection to properly identify what animal you’re dealing with and how it entered. Here are some of the tell tale signs we can offer you, that may indicate you have following animals:

  • Light scratching/chewing on your wall/ceiling any time of the day/night that sounds identical to you scratching the wall with your fingernail and if you tap on the wall/ceiling and the activity ceases for a short period of time and begins again, this is typically mouse activity.
  • Scratching/scampering or rolling noises in your attic in the morning, or early evening, and nothing at night, this is typically squirrel activity.
  • Footsteps and heavy rolling in the attic, possible “chirping bird” sounds in April-June, this is typically raccoons.

Please contact your local franchise at 1-800-CRITTER (274-8837) for proper animal identification.