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Dead Animal Odors in Homes

One of the most common complaints associated with animal removal is a foul odor coming from within the house. Typically, these smells generate within homes in basements, attics and walls, and can be smelled through drywall, ceilings and air vents. Odors in basements, walls, attics or other areas of the home are usually caused by dead animals.

Animal Smells in Walls & Attics

When animals enter Wisconsin homes in attics they have a tendency to fall down voids and end up behind walls. Sadly, many animals get stuck in walls and are unable get out. When these animals die, the odors they create can spread throughout the home like wildfire. Sometimes these smells can become so unbearable, the only option is to vacate the Wisconsin home until the dead animal can be removed.

Other smells resulting from animals entering the attic are from animal droppings. Squirrels, raccoons, birds, rodents and bats are common animals that nest in attics. Unfortunately, these animals will also leave their droppings behind, which can result in foul odors and large contaminated messes. When dealing with animal droppings in attics, it is important to have a professional assist with cleanup, as droppings and dead animals are usually contaminated.

Animal Odors in Basements

Similar odor issues can be found in basements. In Wisconsin homes, animals like squirrels, rats and mice can become trapped in basements and commonly die off due to lack of adequate food sources. Typically, the smell of dead animals in basements is easily identifiable. If you think there may be dead animals in the basement of your Wisconsin home, contact a Critter Control professional to help get rid of dead animals and their dreadful smells.

For the dead animal removal or animal cleanup services to get rid of dead smells in houses, odors in basements or smells in walls and attics, contact Wisconsin Critter Control in your area.


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