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Where to Find Moles

Mole removal is key if you notice moles in your yard, or garden in the Utah area. They often create tunnels when looking for food and can uproot plants for other animals to damage that are in the path of their tunnels.

How to Identify a Mole Problem

A mole has tiny eyes, a pink tail and pink feet, long and grey or brown fur and can range from four to nine inches long. They disturb soil in lawns and gardens as they look for food. Since they have light-sensitive eyes, they remain underground most of the time. You will most likely notice tunnels and mounds of earth, but you probably won’t see the mole responsible for the mess. As soon you as you identify a mole problem, it’s time to consider the best mole removal techniques. Mole removal specialists at Utah Critter Control can provide expert knowledge for mole removal.

Why You Find Moles in the Yard and Moles Around the House

In the Utah area, moles look for food by burrowing in the yard, garden and other locations around the house. It’s easier for them to dig tunnels in shallow areas in gardens and yards because they are small creatures. Moles can create quite a mess, so it’s important to consider mole removal before they become a mole nightmare. The mole removal experts at Utah Critter Control will know how to quickly trap and remove moles.

What Damage and Hazards are Caused from Moles

Moles often uproot grass, create tunnels, mounds and ridges. They don’t often bite people or pose a risk for catching diseases, but mole removal should be considered, since they can cause a great deal of damage from burrowing and digging.

Mole Removal

A common mole removal method is to trap the mole. Trapping moles can be tricky because they create different types of tunnels, do not have a point of entry or exit and only the “travel” tunnels will provide effective when trapping. A Utah Critter Control mole removal expert can assist in mole removal by quickly identifying these and accelerating the trapping process.

How to Prevent a Mole Problem

A mole removal specialist from Utah Critter Control will provide ideas on mole removal and how to reverse a mole problem. Preventing a small mole problem is crucial to preventing a larger mole problem. Gardeners often ponder the best methods of mole removal since these animals cause a great deal of root disturbance to plants and their tunnels can allow other rodents access to your plant roots. Contacting a mole removal expert in the Utah area is the best solution.

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