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Bats In Houses Mississippi

If youʼve noticed droppings, or stains on the side of your house or noises from bats in attics, itʼs possible that bats have made their way inside. Droppings and staining are common identifiers of bat entry. You may also have bats in your house if you hear scratching sounds in the attic, or within the walls. If you experience any of this in your house, the next step is to perform a bat watch. You will likely notice bats flying in and out of your house around sunset. If you see any bat activity in or around your house, call Mississippi Critter Control for professional bat control assistance.

Why Is Getting Bats Out Of Your House Important?

Once inside your house, bats can cause an array of problems, so it is important to contact the nearest Mississippi Critter Control office to implement effective bat removal and exclusion. Bat droppings and urine in the house can leave foul odors. The associated noises from bats living in your attic or walls can be very bothersome. Furthermore, some bats carry harmful diseases, like rabies, and histoplasmosis may be present in their droppings, especially if the droppings accumulate in a moist areas. A professional should always handle these bat situations in your house.

How Does Critter Control Prevent Bats From Entering A House?

Mississippi Critter Control can get bats out of your house and bats in attics out through effective bat control techniques. We will install bat cones in the house, allowing the bats to leave the house but preventing them from re-entering. We then seal the entry point into the house, once we are certain all bats have been vacated. Mississippi Critter Control will also handle bat cleanup in the house, to prevent any harm to your family. Bats are very important animals in the eco-system, so it is important that proper and safe bat control methods are implemented when getting bats out of a house. Call Mississippi Critter Control for more information.


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