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Raccoons in Attic California

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Have you been hearing scratching noises coming from above in your home California? Then you may have raccoons in the attic!

It is very common for raccoons to occupy attics through small holes in the construction of roofs in homes and businesses California. Generally damage caused by raccoons in the attic includes building nests and gnawing on wires. Sometimes, raccoons can reposition themselves down into walls from the attic, which can then lead to other animal control problems. The most common way to identify if raccoons have entered your attic or other areas of your home or business California is by noise or electrical damage.

The professionals at Critter Control of California have been trained with the most effective methods of removing raccoons from attics or from other areas of any home California, as it can sometimes be a lengthy process to remove raccoons from the attic. Critter Control of California uses only humane raccoon trapping techniques that are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to remove raccoons from attics. Once the raccoons in the attic have been removed, our professionals California can then identify the point of entry for the raccoons in the attic and repair this area to ensure you will never have raccoons in your attic again.

If you have been hearing scratching sounds from your attic and think you may have raccoons in the attic, Critter Control of California can help! Contact Critter Control of California for professional services to remove squirrels from your attic today at 1-800-CRITTER.

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