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Raccoon trapped by Critter ControlWe don’t always need to see an animal to know that they are there. The trail of damage or the annoyance of sounds in our houses and buildings, or around our property, makes their presence obvious. Now, how to trap and remove them becomes a major quest. That’s when you need to call in the animal trap experts at Critter Control. As unmanaged wildlife cause damage to property or pose a threat to livestock, you don’t have to stand by and let it happen. You can trap animals with Critter Control.

Critter Control is the nation’s leading nuisance animal trapping expert and has continued to set the standards in the nuisance animal control industry since 1983. No matter what the situation, Critter Control’s nuisance animal trap specialists are expertly trained to encounter and eliminate any nuisance situation through animal trapping. We offer both residential animal trapping and commercial animal trapping services to communities, and perform only the most humane, environmentally friendly and ecologically safe, nuisance animal removal techniques available anywhere.

When animal trapping becomes an issue, it is important for the animal pest removal problem to be taken care of effectively and efficiently. At Critter Control, our teams of certified animal pest removal officers and wildlife control specialists work together to make sure that all animal trap attempts are conducted with the most strategic and effective method. Our animal pest control professionals use only environmentally friendly and ecologically safe animal trapping strategies with humane animal handling techniques unique to Critter Control.

When animal removal problems occur and animal trap services are necessary, don’t hesitate to call the animal pest control professionals at Critter Control who can help solve your animal trap problems right away! To contact Critter Control for animal pest control services, call 1-800-CRITTER today!

Wildlife Control Services

Opossum trapper service from Critter ControlCritter Control has been providing professional animal trapping services for many years. Our staff of certified animal removal specialists and wildlife control officers work together to set the standards of excellence in the animal trapping industry.

Through our use of ecologically responsible animal trap services, with both residential and commercial wildlife control, Critter Control helps to solve a vast array of animal removal problems for several animals. We offer animal removal services including animal trapping, animal damage control, animal prevention control, and animal control management.

Critter Control is the nation’s leading nuisance animal trapper and has continued to set the standards in the nuisance animal control industry since 1983. No matter what the situation, Critter Control’s nuisance animal removal specialists are expertly trained to encounter and trap any nuisance animal control situation. We perform only the most humane, environmentally friendly and ecologically safe nuisance animal trap techniques available anywhere.


Blackbird Trapping Methods

Trapping blackbirds is usually not an effective approach for blackbird removal. There are other successful methods for blackbird control, so contact the Critter Control office near you for more information.

Get Rid of Moles and Mole Problems By Trapping

Trapping moles has proven to be the most effective solution for getting rid of mole problems. However, trapping them requires extensive knowledge of moles and their habits. The professionals at Critter Control are thoroughly trained in the trapping of moles, so we know exactly what needs to be done in order to trap the moles successfully. Trapping moles is a time-consuming process, requiring a lot of patience; some moles can take days or even weeks to trap! For more information on Critter Control’s mole trapping services, contact us today.

Trapping Pocket Gophers

Trapping is a safe and effective method for controlling pocket gophers. Several types and brands of gopher traps are available.

Trapping Squirrels: How To Trap Squirrels

Critter Control squirrel trapperTo get rid of squirrels, Critter Control will commonly trap them. We set up box and cage squirrel traps in effective locations around the home in order to trap all of the squirrels causing problems.



Skunk Trapping: Catching and Trapping Skunks

Squirrel trapped in window wellAt Critter Control, we often use trapping methods when getting rid of skunks from homes or properties. Cage traps can be very effective for live skunk trapping, as we bait the traps using foods like chicken or fish. It is important to us to keep the skunks safe during the control process, mainly because lethal control causes skunks to release their scent. 

We are expertly trained in handling and trapping skunks. We know how skunks behave, how to move around them and what actions need to be taken in order to trap the skunk successfully. It is best to consult a professional for trapping skunks.


No matter what the animal trapping issue, Critter Control can help! If you need residential animal trapping or commercial animal trapping services, don’t hesitate to call Critter Control today at 1-800-CRITTER.


Critter Control handles these and many other wild animals:

squirrelsraccoonsmolesopossumswoodchucks | skunksrats

micebatsbirds | pigeons | snakes

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