Need help getting rid of pigeons?

Getting rid of pigeons can be a daunting task. They often travel in huge flocks, and they are generally tolerant of most devices designed to scare them off. Getting rid of pigeons is the last thing many business owners want to tackle themselves.

Luckily, Critter Control’s specialists are skilled at getting rid of pigeons and making sure they don’t come back. Contact us today and let us put together a plan to get rid of your pigeon problem.

Need to identify pigeon problems?

Do you need to identify pigeons or pigeon problems on your property? Have droppings or bird problems, but aren’t sure exactly what’s going on?

Critter Control’s bird experts can identify pigeons and create pigeon control plans. Contact us today, and we’ll help you identify and control pigeons.

Since 1983, the Critter Control concept has called for humane animal control and environmentally responsible techniques for taking care of nuisance animal problems. We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound animal control services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

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