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Worcester Crew Rescues Ducklings

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WORCESTER, MA — Ducklings are fast little creatures.

A raft of young ducklings found themselves marooned under a storm grate Friday afternoon, and as Animal Control Officer Patrick Cherry scooped them out, they scurried along the sidewalk in all different directions. One showed its appreciation for the rescue by promptly hopping back in the basin.

As Officer Cherry continued to scoop out the ducklings, which were herded into a cardboard box with the help of Keith Charest and Kevin Mulcahy from the Department of Public Works and Parks, an employee from Critter Control happened to be driving by, and he had a smaller net. He scooped up the few remaining ducklings.

Officer Cherry then took the ducklings into the woods, where earlier the mother could be heard and seen flying around. Mr. Charest and Mr. Mulcahy put the heavy grates back on and left.

Andrew Gauthier, who lives across the street, said he became concerned when he saw a bus driver checking out the storm grate n across from 640 Pleasant St. around 3:30 p.m., as the mother duck waddled around nearby.

"I can't just leave them there," Mr. Gauthier said.

He said he called police and City Hall, and around 5 p.m. Police Officer James Soto arrived, followed by the DPW workers. Officer Cherry was called in a short time later.

Credits: Steven H. Foskett Jr. - Telegram & Gazette

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