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Family Surprised by Boa in Orlando Yard

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J.D. Harkrder said he was surprised when he looked down and saw a boa constrictor, nearly 5 feet long, stretched out on the ground outside his Orlando house.

"When I sit down over there I come out for fresh air, not to play with snakes," said Harkrder.

Channel 9's Myrt Price was at the Gatlin Avenue house as trapper Matt Harrison worked to pull the snake out of the bushes Wednesday.

The 102-year-old Harkrder said he wasn't afraid, but he knew he didn't want to get too close.

"I stayed a distance away from it. I knew I could outrun him," said Harkrder.

After Harkrder's family tried to deal with the snake themselves they decided to call Harrison with Critter Control.

Harrison said he was trying to capture the snake when it tried to strike him. Harrison avoided being bitten.

He said that he believes the snake was once a pet, but somehow it ended up on the loose.

"Either he was too aggressive for the person that owned him, which is why they let him go, or he has been wandering for a while," said Harrison.

It didn't take Harrison long to catch the snake.

"I'm glad it's gone," said Harkrder.

Harrison said he will reach out to organizations that have experience dealing with animals like the boa constrictor, in order to find it a home.

He said boas can grow up to 12 feet long and at that size they can be dangerous.

He said the 5-foot snake wasn't much of a threat to anyone.


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