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E. McKeesport, PA Fights 'Epidemic' Skunk Issue

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East McKeesport officials have contracted with Critter Control to address a skunk problem.

Council on Thursday approved the contract at a cost of $1,806 plus $59 for every animal trapped and removed.

Critter Control's work in the borough may begin by the end of the month.

For the past few months, residents have had to deal with the aromatic creatures rummaging through garbage, crawling under fences and skirting around vehicles.

Resident John Krisantz told councilors a skunk came onto his property and sprayed his dog twice.

“He got it good,” Krisantz said. “It went under the fence. They've been out for, I bet you, four or five months. The other day I saw one. It was probably a couple feet long, easily. It was big. There's a lot of small ones. too.”

Borough administrator/secretary Connie Rosenbayger said she received numerous calls from residents about the critters, and some police officers have said the skunk problem is “epidemic.”

“I called Critter Control and asked them to put together a proposal, and I brought it to council's attention that this was a problem,” Rosenbayger said.

“This has been a bad summer,” Councilwoman Lynn Brown said.

“There have been (skunks) on Fifth Avenue ... We know it's a problem because we smell them.”

Mayor Robert Howard said captured skunks will be sent to get checked for rabies.

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