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Crazy Critters Invade Oklahoma City

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Local animal control companies say this year, more than ever, they are seeing animals like racoons, squirrels, and skunks are moving from the wild and into your home.

Micah Holmes, from the Department of Wildlife Conservation, says now is the time when the animals are coming out and having babies. All those creepy, crawly, critters like your warm, comfortable attic is the perfect place to nest.

FOX25 spoke to John Tuchek from Critter Control who says, "This year has been crazy. We've been inundated with calls."

Right now Tuchek is working six days a week, and going to four to five appointments a day trying to keep up with the demand for critter removal.

Tuchek says the animals can cause major damage to your attic, things like chewed up wiring, torn apart insulation and they also leave droppings.

Ned Bruha, also known as the Skunk Whisperer, says he's seeing a similar trend.

"We have more trucks on the road and more employees than we've ever had. And we're booked up," Bruha said. Bruha adds everyone should check their home for holes or places where animals can sneak in. He says one of the most common places animals get in is through sofet vents. The screens on the vents are easily broken into or torn off by determined critters.

Pricing for getting rid of animals can vary, but in severe cases it can cost thousands of dollars.

To make sure your home doesn't fall victim to the critters make sure you patch up holes, remove trash or food from your yard, and if you do have a problem make sure you call the professionals.

The experts say trying to trap the animals yourself might get rid of them in the short term, but in the long term they might come right back.

Holmes says, "If there's not a safe place for them to live and get food, they're going to go somewhere else."


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