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Bats Take Over Barrington Townhome Complex

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Residents of a Barrington townhome are going batty over a critter infestation.

The Pickwick Townhomes have been invaded by bats. Exterminators have found the bats living inside attics and leaving behind droppings.

Village officials have fined the owner of the complex and ordered him to get rid of the bats and seal off the openings where they're getting inside.

"I've seen bats out here in the evening ever since I moved in. I liked them because they ate my mosquitos," a resident who's been capturing the bats with a butterfly net told NBC 5. "Some people are real scared of things flying around, especially in their private homes, but it doesn't bother me that much because I know I can handle them safely. But the other folks aren't so nature loving as I am."

It's illegal to kill bats in the state, so crews have been capturing them.

One building was so infested that the insulation had to be removed.

Some residents have taken matters into their own hands and are getting rabies shots.


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