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Bats Cause Ruckus For Dozens Of Metro Homeowners

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A relief from the heat could finally mean a break from bats as hundreds of homeowners spent the last month trying to get rid of them.

Experts said the September heat wave seems to be the reason so many homeowners have bats. Animal Control received more than 500 calls since August.

"North, south, east, west, we’ve done work everywhere,” said Jeff Voelker.

Voelker with Critter Control said bats want to escape from the heat, and they are attracted to the cooler air inside.

“We're also getting calls where bats are hanging around sheds or under decks -- anywhere they can be where it’s not so hot,” Voelker said.

Bats can get almost anywhere, which is why it is important to seal any openings around your house.

Animal Control has been to Richard Baltz’s home three times hunting for bats they can’t seem to find.

“I thought she heard it coming down the air conditioning duct, but I don't know,” Baltz said.

Baltz thinks he has five bats in his house. In another attempt to locate the bats, Voelker sealed the vents and cracks.

“There’s a window screen behind there. The bats like to hang out there because it’s so hot,” Voelker said.

Any bat that comes in contact with a human goes to a lab in Kansas for testing. So far this year, 72 bats came back clear for rabies.

"I just want to get rid of the bats. I just want to go back to normalcy, you know. They're causing an upset in the family," Baltz said.


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