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April 2014 - Voles and Moles

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Trivia Question: Voles and Moles: What’s the difference?


This is a question we hear frequently at this time of year. Here are the major differences:

Voles (also called Meadow Mice) are often found above ground and resemble a dark brown mouse, with a short stubby tail.


Moles (the Eastern Mole being the most prevalent) rarely come above ground. Their eyes are concealed by fur and they have a hairless pointed snout. They also have very large front feet and are usually larger than voles.


Voles are rodents and eat a wide variety of plants, seeds, tubers, bulbs and rhizomes. They’ll also eat bark, crops, snails, insects and animal remains.

Moles are insectivores and eat insects, grubs and worms they find in the soil.

Voles make their pathways above ground and people often refer to them as “little highways” through the grass.

Moles tunnel underground in search of food and they raise the ground upwards when they do so. They also create “volcanic mounds” in yards when tunneling deep below the surface. There is no room to shove the dirt anywhere when tunneling so deep, so they simply push the dirt up and out of the way, thereby creating these mounds in your yard.


If you experience Vole or Mole damage, please call 1-800-CRITTER and the professionals at Critter Control can rid you of these little critters.

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