5.12 In tabulated form, the Animal Injury and Euthanasia Report should indicate, for each animal:

(a) Species
(b) Sex (if identified)
(c) Common name
(d) Age class (neonate, juvenile, sub-adult, adult)
(e) Nature and details of incident or condition resulting in injury or euthanasia
(f) Initial management or intervention (e.g. taken to veterinarian – give details)
(g) Final outcome
(h) Method of euthanasia, by whom; or details of disposal
(i) Current location of animal or details and method of disposal
(j) Any other relevant information.


5.13 If a development or activity is subject to approval by a local, State and/or Federal government agency, then the wildlife control operator shall submit a copy of the Wildlife Protection and Management Plan and Wildlife Management Report to the appropriate local, State and/or Federal government agency within one (1) month of completion of the project.