h) Description and discussion of all irreconcilable differences unilaterally decided by the developer;
i) Description and discussion of termination of a prior wildlife control operator due to termination as a result of disagreement over a measure or measures proposed by a wildlife control operator in the interests of protecting the welfare of wild animals (see 22.2.1 above).

5.6 The detail contained in the wildlife and habitat management plan should reflect the size and/or likely environmental impacts of the development or activity.

Wildlife capture and disposal record

5.7 The wildlife capture and disposal record must contain the following details for each animal:

(a) Species
(b) Common name
(c) Sex (M, F, or unknown)
(d) Approximate age or age class (neonate, juvenile, subadult, adult)
(e) Time and date of capture
(f) Method of capture
(g) Exact point of capture (shown on site map)
(h) State of health
(i) Incidents associated with capture likely to affect the animal
(j) Veterinary intervention or treatments
(k) Time held in captivity
(l) Disposal (euthanasia, re-release, translocation etc)
(m) Date and time of disposal
(n) Details of disposal (if released, exact point of release by GPS or map)
(o) For released animals: distance from point of capture to point of release.

5.8 If any native animals were, or are presently, held in temporary or permanent captive care, then the wildlife control operator should provide the location(s) and details of the reason for such holding.

5.9 Furthermore, the wildlife control operator should indicate the availability of husbandry and veterinary records for each animal placed into temporary or permanent captive care.

Animal injury and euthanasia report

5.10 A separate Animal Injury and Euthanasia Report must form part of the Wildlife Management Report, detailing the circumstances, management and final outcome of every animal injury or incident, and the circumstances and reason for each animal euthanasia.

5.11 A “nil return” Animal Injury and Euthanasia Report should be included in the Wildlife Management Report if there were no animal injuries or euthanasia.