Preparation of a Wildlife Management Report

5.1 During the course of the development or activity, the wildlife control operator should keep an accurate record of all animal captures, incidents and disposals for that project.

5.2 At the completion of a project, the wildlife control operator should prepare a Wildlife Management Report (WMR) in the approved format (Appendix 4) for submission to the developer.

5.3 If the development or activity for which the Wildlife Management Report was prepared was subject to local government approval, then the report should also be submitted to the relevant local government authority.

5.4 The Wildlife Management Report consists of three sections:

a) the wildlife and habitat management plan;
b) the wildlife capture and disposal record;
c) the animal injury and euthanasia report.

Wildlife and habitat management plan

5.5 The wildlife and habitat management plan should contain the following information:

a) Aspects of the design or planning of the development identified as risks to wildlife, essential wildlife habitat or wildlife corridors, and the measures taken to mitigate or avoid the risks;
b) Aspects of operational works identified as risks to wildlife health or safety, and the measures taken to mitigate or avoid the risks;
c) Aspects of the operation or function of the finished development (including traffic impacts) identified as posing risks to wildlife health and safety either presently or in the future, and the measures taken, or required to be taken, to mitigate or avoid those risks;
d) Recommendations on the type, frequency and timeframes for monitoring of wildlife and habitat impacts resulting from the development;
e) Requirements for ongoing wildlife, habitat or ecological management measures for the site or development to mitigate or avoid present or future wildlife impacts;
f) Any measures taken to replace or improve wildlife or habitat outcomes, including compensatory vegetation planting, nest-box or tree cavity replacement, and the like;
g) Recommendations and/or outcomes associated with unmanageable wildlife risks identified as being caused by, or associated with the development or activity including measures recommended or implemented by local, State and/or federal government agencies;