4.41 Facilities for the holding of native animals awaiting translocation or relocation back to the original development site are restricted to those facilities approved for that express purpose by the state Department of Natural Resources and/or US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Disposal of wildlife

4.42 The ideal outcome for wildlife removed from a site during operational works is to be relocated back to the same site at the completion of works, so long as suitable and sufficient habitat remains. This ensures that any potential adverse ecological consequences associated with translocation and the potential adverse effects (on the individual) of placement in unfamiliar territory are avoided. However, this outcome is generally only achievable if there has been significant retention of habitat, and appropriately “eco-friendly” design and planning.

4.43 Translocation of animals is not a preferred option unless retention at, or relocation back to, the original site is inappropriate.

4.44 In order of preference, outcomes for removed wildlife are as follows (unless local or state regulations state otherwise, dependent upon the health and condition of the animals, and subject to developer and wildlife control operator’s mutual agreements):

a) relocation back to original site following operational works;
b) translocation to suitable habitat adjacent to site;
c) translocation to distant suitable habitat;
d) placement in captive institution for educational, conservation or research purposes;
e) euthanasia.

4.45 Each of these options is dependant on fulfillment of a number of conditions and criteria which affect its relative suitability under different circumstances.

4.46 In determining the most suitable option for each individual, the wildlife control operator must ensure that the chosen option is appropriate in terms of local, State and/or Federal law, animal welfare and ecological outcomes.

4.47 Any animal showing obvious clinical signs, or behavior consistent with injury or illness must be treated in an appropriate manner, detailed in sections 4.99-4.104 or alternatively, as required by law.

Relocation of animals back to original site following operational works

4.48 In some circumstances, the extent of destruction of habitat may not be sufficient to warrant permanent translocation of animals, but operational works or other factors may present unacceptable risks to the health and safety of some animals present on site.