Wildlife Protection and Management Plan
Approval of wildlife protection and management plan
Wildlife protection and management plan not required
Site and fauna surveys
Site survey
Fauna survey
Wildlife safety risk mitigation measures
Vegetation and rubble piles
Design features and wildlife safety risks
Pre-works meeting
Notification of unmanageable wildlife risk situations
Section 4: Wildlife Management
General Principles
Removal of terrestrial wildlife
Removal of arboreal wildlife
Preservation of tree cavities and other habitat features
Species identification
Notification of species of special significance
Restraint and holding of captured wildlife
Capture, restraint and examination
Short-term holding
Long-term holding
Disposal of wildlife
Relocation of animals back to original site following operational works
Translocation of animals to suitable habitat adjacent to development site
Translocation of animals to distant habitat
Placement of animals into permanent care or captivity
Placement of animals into temporary care or captivity
Euthanasia of animals
Euthanasia of healthy protected fauna
Euthanasia of feral or declared pests, or other non-native species
Emergency euthanasia of sick or injured animals
Use of veterinarians and veterinary services or drugs
Nomination of veterinarian on Wildlife Protection and Management Plan
Wildlife Control Operators to inform client of obligations regarding provision of veterinary care
Provision of veterinary care to sick or injured animals
Requirement for presence of veterinarian on site
Requirement for monitoring of sedated or anesthetized animals
Section 5: Record Keeping and Reporting
Preparation of a Wildlife Management Report
Wildlife and habitat management plan
Wildlife capture and disposal record
Animal Injury and euthanasia report