indicated. Animals should be released or transferred to an approved wildlife holding facility for long-term holding at or before the expiry of the times indicated in the last column.

Species Water Food Max. time in bag Max. time in short-term enclosure
(eg transport box)
Rodent 4 8 2 24
Insect bat 4 4 12 (**) 12
Snake 24 7 days 24 24
Lizard 24 2 days 24 24
Turtle 24 2 days 24 24
Frog 12 (#) 24 8 (#) 24

* With sedation/anaesthesia only
** Only if fed and watered every 4 hours
# Containers for frogs must prevent drying. Plastic boxes with ventilation are preferred.

Long-term holding

4.38 Animals may require long-term holding (>24 hours) for a variety of reasons, such as:

a) delayed access to appropriate release sites;
b) accumulation of a number of individuals for group release;
c) treatment of injuries or illness;
d) inclusion in radio telemetry studies or other research;
e) handrearing of dependent young;
f) temporary housing during operational works prior to return to site.

4.39 Long-term holding of native animals should only occur in circumstances approved by the State Department of Natural Resources, US Department of Agriculture, and/or US Fish & Wildlife Service and in facilities approved for such purpose.

4.40 Care of animals in long-term care should be in accordance with the all applicable local, State and Federal laws and current best practice.